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They only cause trouble and nothing else. STAY AWAY!!

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Rebecca

I have been suffering from astigmatism since birth so a few days ago I decided to go to Lasikplus Vision center after getting referrals from my relative and some of my close friends. My eyes started getting watery very often and use of cell phones for a long time would give me headaches too. Finally, after others\’ suggestions, I went to the clinic to fix the problem I was facing.

I dialed to the office and made an appointment as soon as I possibly could. My appointment was fixed at 9 ‘o’ clock, fortunately, I was in time and waiting for my turn to come. As soon as I approached the clinic’s office, the receptionist wanted full money in advance. This is not the general rule as far as I know. The payment is only done when the treatment is over, but I had to pay or else my appointment would be canceled. After the payment, I had to wait for an hour for my turn to come. I complained about this to the staff but it went unnoticed which was very annoying, I as a patient expected the respected doctor and staff to be good listeners as well. Finally, my turn came and I went to the main cabin for my treatment.

My treatment began very late, he started with the Lasik surgery and after a while, the laser light started causing me pain and made my eyes watery too, when it became unbearable I told the doctor to stop for some time but he continued doing his work irrespective of the pain I was suffering from. The doctor was behaving in the same way as the staff members did, it was very disappointing when the doctor is not paying attention to their patient then how can the staff behave properly, doctors should behave properly and professionally in order to understand the problems faced by their patient. I again reminded the doctor that this method is causing me pain and he should take a cautious step before doing it, but he mocked me by saying that “I am the doctor here and I know my job very well, please let me do my work!” this was kind of a humiliation for me that I chose such an inexperienced doctor to do my treatment.

After the Lasix was done I was told to wait outside the room for my medications. As soon as the treatment was over I thought that the pain would go away totally but it didn’t happen as I expected. The pain increased very quickly and now I wasn’t able to see anything properly, my eyes were blurry and water kept flowing constantly. The medications were given to me and I was told that all my pain and blurriness would go away in a day or two. Even after three days, I could still feel the same pain and blurriness throughout. Then I went to a better place to continue with my treatment and this time it was successful and I had no problems anymore.

It was my fault that I chose this vision center, it only caused harm to my eyes and nothing was done right, not even the behavior of the doctor as well as the staff members were satisfactory. I would recommend you not to go to LasikPlus Vision Centre for any of your treatment.

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