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Their wrong diagnosis cost me a lot.

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Patrick

I don’t know much about LaTooth NYC except the fact that they are too arrogant as well as stupid. The doctors there are either illiterate or too much careless. They don’t have the basic knowledge of handling a patient and I’m certain that this place doesn’t have many satisfied patients. But who am I to show any concern. These people ruined my life. And they are responsible for my life’s degradation. My life now hangs in balance and they are the ones to blame for it. I had gone there for an oral cancer screening. I had gone there after having concerns for oral cancer. They tested me and according to their so-called experts, I was free from cancer. What a joke!!! These people can’t do an oral cancer screening properly.

I thought their diagnosis is accurate, after all, they are those big, rich and successful doctors of NY, why wouldn’t they be right? I was so wrong to think so. Sometimes I blame myself for trusting these people. They diagnosed me healthy and I stopped worrying about cancer. A few months later, the problem has become too much for me. I go to see another dentist, he suggests an oral cancer screening and when I see the result, I get a shock. I had cancer all along. Those stupid bastards weren’t able to perform a screening properly. If I had found out earlier, I might have been able to get rid of it. But now, its treatment is too expensive. I’m better off without getting any treatment. I don’t want to leave any financial burdens on my family so I’ll just live with it. There are constant pain and agony but I can’t really do anything. If these people had given an accurate diagnosis at that time, I might’ve gotten rid of this issue. Now, this all is just too expensive for me. I’m sure that I won’t be able to handle this stuff. I’m also sure that I won’t recommend this place to anyone else. If they can’t perform an oral cancer screening properly, then I don’t know what they can do. I contacted these people later, to tell them about the result of their poor diagnosis. I thought they should know. They didn’t apologize. They were just ‘sorry to hear this’. What a bunch of BASTARDS! I hope they rot in hell. I thought I should share my experience with others because it’s something you should be aware of. Although most of you would be visiting them for dental checkups, still, it’s a vital detail to know. It shows that those people are heartless and cold. They don’t care that they are ruining the life of a person. Like I said earlier, they are either too careless or too ignorant. In either case, it won’t be ok for you to visit the place and get treatment. Most probably, you’ll get a better treatment someplace else. This is not the right place for getting any kind of treatment.

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