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Published: 15 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve been an employee for this racist/discrimative company since the opening and there has been multiple episodes involving myself and certain other coworkers of color.I’ve had on two seperate occasions filed lawsuits against this company and the so called manager Randi Gold who actually is the worst administrator any business can have due to her favortism and unethical treatment of certain employees of race.They forced me to go to anger managment which i did and eversince ive done my job to the fullest but my reason for this long overdue report is im once filing a huge lawsuit against this racist company and have involved former employees to get involved as most of us are of color. So i was terminated 7-3-2014 while on my vacation can u believe that due to an incident involving an employee who happens to be white,who approched my personal vehicle and proceeded to cuss in my face calling me an f****** coward due to her claiming she’s heard rumors of employees talking bout her,i told this woman to please get out of my face and that she can get fired for her actions and she proceeded to follow me int the clinic still being beligerent. I contacted the so called manager and stated i was just harrassed by this coworker and wanted to make a formal complaint, so now 7-3-14 i get an email to my personal stating ive been terminated and reason was cause i did’nt follow up with the complaint and return emails sent to the work email which i no longer had access to signing in to.So where’s the logic that i did the right thing and went to management about this and i get terminated? hence lawsuit once again.It’s also retailiation due to me wanting employees that are causing the most drama to get drug tested since it seems according to certain employees who talk about things they do that pretty much 90% of the staff including certain doctors who’ll later also be named in my lawsuit concume marijuana on a daily basis and no business should tolerate this nor should myself as a drugfree person so it was a conspiracy to out me due to this as well which only made this situation worse as now the reputation of Dr Ira Zaslow,Dr Allison Cannon and LVS will forever be tarnished.If you’re a black person this is not the place to gain employment as you will be treated like a voiceless slave,disrespected,and have not a person to go to in case of any issue.My attorney has informed me based on my extensive collection of documentation this is an air tight claim.LVS is an absolute horrible place to work,Randi Gold is the most untrustworthy person ive ever met in my life.

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