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Published: 20 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Before considering hiring laura short of parsippany, nj Previously from baltimore, maryland) in the township of denville and the surrounding areas of somerset, morris union or essex counties, please read the following: this person has personally attacked multiple business and/or individuals and accused them of stealing copyrighted photos and plagiarism. This person works with others Internet mob) on a site called to destroy permanently the businessS) they accuse. They act as the judge, jury and executioner. It’s pathetic that they have nothing better to do with their lives than to bring hard working people down. Their group attacks businesses they accuse, clients of the business, family and friends and some have gone as far as attacking the children of clients. They are nonstop and vow that the accused will never keep this business up and the accused will never be able to operate a business in the future. It’s is actually mentioned that the people outed should change their names because the mob makes the accused a number one search on google as a thief and fraud. Laura short works continually day after day, year after year on every social media outlet to damage the accused reputation and when asked to stop, they refuse. She literally does not stop, guess she has lots of downtime. She claims this isn’t stalking or harassing. How can it not be when she involves others that have nothing to do with the accused to come in and join in the bullying fun. Actually what she is doing is 100& 37; bullying, harassment, and stalking. This group and laura short will continue into the future unless the site gets removed. I feel this person’s practices are unethical and this type of behavior shouldn’t be allowed. After this post goes up, there will follow a bunch of rebuttals by the mob with more accusations and a link back to their site claiming that whomever they assume this is, is just upset that i got caught stealing. Keep in mind that they block the accused from coming to their pages to defend themselves, despite the fact that we shouldn’t have to answer to them. Their rebuttal backs up the fact that they work in groups to protect each other and attack others. Good example: you are a beetle walking through a red ant hill. They attack in swarms. Though i have never used this business personally, i feel that their character towards others and their businesses should be noted. How can someone feel good with themselves knowing they are doing this!!!! disgusting!!!!

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