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Published: 26 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This report is written to express my personal concern and previous issues in regard to a young woman named Lauren Menona, an aspiring pastry chef located in the Flagstaff, Arizona area. She does not have an official website to report as she does most of her work through word-of-mouth/private parties, however she has used a business name of Sugar Coated in the past and only had a Facebook page to represent it. I do not know if she does currently have a Facebook business page for Sugar Coated still or not. My complaint about Lauren are quite endless, but I will keep them brief. Lauren has worked for my restaurant in the past and turned out to be a nightmare. We ended up having to fire her due to her unprofessionalism and apathy to her work. The first issue we experienced with her was her dislike of another employee. Of course, these situations happen within the workplace all the time but Lauren has been the only one who was unable to handle it maturely and professionally. She began talking about her dislike the afore mentioned employee behind his/her back to others to the point that she began spreading rumors. After she realized she wasn’t going to be promoted over that employee or that we, as the company, were going to do anything about it, she then began to show a disinterest in her work. She began working for an adventure park around that same time and would consistently let her other employment schedule reign over the one we created for her. Eventually, she began skipping shifts with the excuse that she had to work at her other job. This is when we finally had to get rid of her. Since then, Menona has continued to move from company to company attempting to work in the pastry area for each. Her employment history has continued to remain short with each company. I’m not sure why, but I can only assume due to experiences similar to ours. I have also attended a wedding in which Lauren Menona was supposed to provide gluten free cupcakes. While she did provide the cupcakes, everyone at our table agreed they were not good. Overall, if you’re thinking of hiring Lauren or using her to provide pastry related items at your event, I warn you to use someone else. She is not only inexperienced in her field, but she also has the tendency to be hot-headed and not get along with fellow employees. Employing her will only lead to a mess. .

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