Laurence A. Jacobs, MD

That guy is a cold-hearted MURDERER.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Darian

Dr. Jacobs is a CRIMINAL! He did an abortion when he had already given my wife an IVF treatment because his embryologist had ‘mistakenly’ given him the wrong embryo. He didn’t ask me or my wife for permission before the abortion. That moron didn’t even tell us what he was doing. He just told us that it was a regular procedure. That guy is a freak. He should be thrown in jail for the vicious crime he has done with us. I am surprised how he is still able to run a fertility clinic? When he is so bad at his job, how can he be allowed to work? Shouldn’t his license get revoked? Here we were, thinking we will finally have a baby and that guy had done an abortion to right his wrong. His clinic is full of chimps and stupid retards who don’t know what they are doing. They are just there for some reason. That guy didn’t hesitate to charge us with a lot of money. He was charging us thousands of dollars and even after doing such a filthy deed, he acted all normal as nothing had happened. My wife was sure that he had done something wrong. But this guy, oh this guy is something else. He keeps a poker face even after taking the life of a being. My wife was in her first trimester when this crook did the abortion. We weren’t aware of what he was planning to do. He just scratched her uterus or something but ended up destroying the embryo my wife had inside her. Not only that, but he also gave her an injection with something which has now ensured that she can never get pregnant. We can never have a baby even with an IVF treatment. Not only did he take our money for the treatment first, but he also took away our last hope to have a happy small family. I wanted to have a kid. I have always wanted to have a kid. But now this guy is just too much. He took the life of a being and shattered our dreams and hopes. We came to find out about all this much later when he explained these things to us. All he said was ‘sorry for this misunderstanding’. That’s it. This guy didn’t even apologize properly for the vicious deed he had done. My wife was in shock after hearing the truth. She couldn’t take it properly. She was depressed for a month. I was in an argument with this freak for my compensation. That bastard didn’t even issue a refund after a botched IVF treatment. He is too arrogant for that. He claims that it was not his fault and the person responsible has already been fired from his clinic. But I am sure that he is also responsible for all this. He didn’t tell us that he was going to kill the embryo. He is a liar and a criminal, don’t trust him.

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