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Published: 08 March 2021

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They took 39 us$ for my personal and financial problem remedy with 1 year refund guarantee but I did not get results in return she started to ask me more money by blackmailing bu threatening by giving negative hypnosis I asked fir refund she never reply or refund she started to rip me off mentally and eventually financially | Dear xyz What a pleasure to receive your acceptance of my offer of the GREAT STUDY OF PERSONAL CLAIRVOYANCE! Now I am certain that together, we will put you back on the path of Luck. Thought it is around you at least for the 6 coming months! You will henceforth have all the assets in your hands to benefit in every domain from an extraordinarily happy phase of your life. I knew that you impatiently awaited this mail; also,I did as fast as possible not to keep you waiting. I prepared 2 Free Gifts for you: Your MAGNETIZER SQUARE OF PROTECTING SALTS ( Accessible on this 1st link) and your FORMULA OF LUCK (Accessible on this 2nd link). But your case is incontestably one of the most particular of my consultations, also, I took the time to treat it in depth. I must already tell you in all honesty that your situation altogether is very important to me and this is for two reasons. | 1 The first is that the root of your problems are so deep that this king of difficulty stimulates me and enables me to concentrate the maximum of my gifts for a cause that is really worthwhile. 2 The second reason is that, beyond the real difficulties of your current existence that I SAW ENTIRELY IN DETAIL, at every clairvoyance, I found the way for you to make it out. flecheYes, I can assure you that there is a way out for each of your problems. Yes, I confirm it, by confronting the root of the evils that trouble you; we could come up with great improvements in your existence within the next few months. For that, you must absolutely ACT RIGHT NOW. And everything is fine Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar, since you have effectively take the important decision of taking the friendly hand that I am stretching to you. I can already announce to you that the powerful ” Ritual of Karmic Purification” destined to clear a “Karmic Debt” that was not yours but that someone or something made you to carry unjustly in their place was crowned with success. It is a first great victory in the Reconquest of your most absolute right to be able to enjoy your “Positive Karma” and, consequently, the Happiness from which you have been deprived that is coming back to you. Also, we can start working right now on your fulfillment. You will discover that, immediately you finish reading this consultation, you will know more be quite the same person… | I have examined all the aspects of your life and personality. We have already spoken about it; I saw that you are benefiting from a really extraordinary phenomenon: your astral configuration of birth only offered you the best! You also have all the assets to bounce back and start on a good footing knowing how to seize your opportunities. Unfortunately, the difficult circumstances that you have experienced, the misunderstandings you have suffered (very young) have made you become more fragile, doubtful and hesitant before action. And it is well understandable. But this caused you to become inefficient and pessimistic. And we are going to fight against that together right now. I am ready to fight with so much strength that you do not have the right to let go! I can affirm that as from now, after this deepened study, everything that I felt during my last clairvoyance has been confirmed. Yes, I clearly saw that you will have two great opportunities to seize in the coming months. flecheIn the financial domain , I saw your difficulties. I know how much the situation is delicate. Unfortunately, recently, you still missed a beautiful opportunity that you were not able to seize. I was due to these negative waves that created so many perturbations around you. Therefore, be ready Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar! Because I am revealing it to you, take careful note: You are approaching two periods of very great luck: one between in Thursday 07 June 2018 to Thursday 07 June 2018 days and another within 3 months. | Be reassured, if you follow my advice carefully, we will have greatly improved your overall situation before then; but these two periods will enable you to really find sustainable and total security! If you play lucky games, you will have to take advantage because it is often during these exceptional cosmic configurations that there are great winners of lottos ( the last winner I helped was under the auspices of an astral configuration that was very close to the one you will have within 64 days ). Warning: if you play, don’t play only with small amounts! The amount you will play will change nothing about the amount you might win. Therefore, very soon, there should be beautiful financial entries for you, but of course if you put all the chances on your side. Therefore, before deepening your clairvoyance, I wish to give you a result right now of a particular work I performed for you free: your Figures and Days of Personal Luck to use in gambling and also in all the circumstances of your life! Therefore, here are all the beneficial figures that lead or accompany your existence . They are the results of long and numerous secret calculations where numerology and astrology combine as well as other mysterious combinations of figures. If you experience them, you will charge your potential with success and happiness. They are your first steps today into our spiritual and friendly association, your first great privileged asset on the RIGHT PATH! | To begin with, here is your Golden Number, it is the: 12 It refers to a magic number, your lucky number. Let it appear in all your game combinations and use it in every important situation. Here are your three Cosmic Numbers:21, 31, and 54 It is known from time immemorial and in almost all the civilizations that numbers have particular vibrations that deeply affect our lives. Cosmic numbers that I have calculated for you are those of particular vibrations that correspond to your vital rhythm for the twelve coming months (after they will have to be recalculated). You will now know your 12 Figures of Luck for the 12 months of the year (beyond that, they will have to be recalculated). You could use them to increase you potential for luck, or take decisions particularly besides these great periods of abundance that I will show you. The numbers that represent the whole creative process of the Universe. Scholars teach that they used to vibrate with the “music of spheres”; a unique sound produced by the movement of heavenly bodies. Learning how to use them, particularly how to know yours is an instrument of success that can change everything for you. Your 12 Figures of Luck to use in priority during the corresponding month: January February March April May June July August September October November December 13 44 12 10 27 47 17 39 16 23 19 24 This research work concerning you would not have been complete if I had not also searched for you Beneficial Periods. You absolutely need to receive all the help you deserve Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar! Therefore, here are the great dates that you must absolutely remember and use as often as possible: vYour luck will be at its peak during 120 Days vThis period will begin within Thursday 07 June 2018 vYour Luck will be in a very strong period of growth between theThursday 07 June 2018 and the Friday 05 October 2018. vIt will also experience a very positive stability during the following Thursday 07 June 2018. You will certainly experience other periods of luck in your life, but we must admit that this one intensity is exceptional. This means that you are now and the threshold of taking the course of your existence in hand is totally different. I have told you about your finances and this insolent luck that will finally be able to offer you all the great changes that you are expecting in this domain. But it will not stop there. In your emotional life , after all the passed difficulties, many things could harmonize. | During a clairvoyance particularly – I remember it was one evening, about two or three days ago – I saw a circle around you with prospects of well-being, tranquility and fulfilled emotions. It was like a beneficial aura placed around you. At that exact moment, I also saw the intervention of another person, but we will talk about that further. By performing an astral research complement, I discovered that Venus could play an important and very positive role for you this year. Yes! Your case is coming out of the ordinary! Particularly because you can benefit from pure Luck now In actual fact, you are presently in a pivotal period of your life (and it is actually not out of chance that you came to me at that moment). Everything can turnaround in one direction or the other! After what I did for you and everything I saw, I should be resolutely positive for your future; and yet, in all honesty, I have a few fears: in the past, you have suffered from an undeniable (you still suffer from them anyway) accumulation of a negative set of certain bad luck. We will however come back to the causes of this evil. These accumulated failures, these difficulties and tenacious “jinx” left traces on you. All your attitudes and behaviors, your way of thinking and seeing life are all marked by failure. Your personal magnetism, naturally very strong in you that makes you “vibrate”, undertake, draw near others and act is deeply altered and diminished. | From all that, I KNOW that it is very difficult to redress the bar. Because this negative impetus deep within you, perturbs and troubles you by causing you to enter a zone of failure and anxiety. Yet, failure brings failure, and from thence, a vicious circle is created and it is difficult to come out of it even when real opportunities present themselves. This harmful context influences your physical state as well as your moral state and takes away the urge to fight and undertake, thus weakening your capacity to seize all you Luck. It favors harmful excesses, abandonment. You still very hardly distinguish bad decisions from good ones, you are unable to act quickly or at the right time and you tend to postpone too many things. And you blame yourself for it; this improves neither your moral nor your ability to react. Thus, you are less and less able to use all your personal qualities both in your interactions with others and in your daily life. Deceptions in contrariety and it is more and more difficult for you to control the situation. | I know what causes this state. I saw them and I understand them, but of what benefit is it to dwell on the past? We could talk about it pages upon pages meanwhile what I want, I, is that from this exact moment, you look resolutely to the future! If you were actually in front of me, I would have asked you to promise it to me solemnly. And I do not want you to put on a worried look or one that is defeated in advance, no! You should have the look of someone who believes in their chances, if not why come to me? You are probably aware or you will discover it today: I am not fund of “wearing gloves” in saying what I have to say. It is even with my most important consultants and the most clinging that I express myself most freely and “loudly”! Everything I am telling you is for your good. If you want us to really change something in your life, you will carefully have to consider everything we will develop in the coming lines. Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar, if I am addressing you so freely, it is because I saw that you can make it and with flying colors. I know that if you employ all your capacities, if you are able to seize all your opportunities within a few months, these precise moments will seem to be very far to you! You will read through these lines and will be greatly amazed of the path you have walked and the progress made. Before that, there is a small revolution to shall effect you, your life, the trust you have in yourself, and all the things around you. For that, I am ready to put all my spiritual powers and my long experience at your disposal to help you overcome it on the condition of being able to also count on your participation. That is why after examining the various aspects of everything I saw concerning your problems, point by point, in the following pages,I will give you the concrete means to make it. But before everything, we must talk of a delicate problem. Right from my first Divination Flash concerning you, I felt some sort of net of negative influences closing up around you. | Thanks to your very strong intuition, your developed 6th sense (you should trust it more often… We will also talk of that later); you, yourself, felt the weight of these very negative influences on your existence. You are one of those intuitive persons with real mediumistic capacities . But, unfortunately, this makes you sensitive to occult activity in the good sense and also in the bad, Let me just tell you right now, during some periods in your life you have had failures that were not only caused by daily difficulties. There has actually been a will to harm you and to slow you down considerably. Beyond simple unpleasant gossip about you, you felt truly harmful manipulations on you. You are not mistaken. Bewitchment and the evil eye actually still exist today, and all the verifications that I made go in that line. Someone has really tried to hinder you from progressing, growing, realizing your desires, exploiting your capacities and they are trying to draw bad luck on you. | As for me, I consider that my role is not to finger-point the guilty parties and to push you to seek vengeance that will be even more harmful to you that to those to whom it is targeted. No! The right path to escape these harmful manipulations and release you from this adversity is not to fight evil by evil. You are right to think that all this is very harmful to you, that it is unfair for you to have missed so many opportunities whereas they were destined to you. But now the best means to release you is to havea sufficient protection and benefit from it to finally go towards the positive, to act and once more become capable of seizing all your opportunities. I spent much time on it, and I went back to the roots of this evil. Unfortunately, in our profession, we know these kind of situations very well and we are used to fight them. All the great mediums give it priority because these “dark” practices are most detestable and reprehensible for us. That is why from now, you can entirely count on me to bring you the help and the protection you need . That is the most important. It is by moving forward on a positive path that you will be able to fight all those who have tried to harm you with maximum efficiency. I am ready to do ANYTHING to guide you on this path. Fortunately, you possess such personal strength that is greater than you can imagine, and your energy capital has remained intact within you. | In the coming weeks, I will show you how to make it resurface. You will become yourself again; the person full of energy, with sound judgment as you were always supposed to be. I told you that I saw important changes in your emotional life. So let’s get to it without further delay… This need for love; to love and to be loved that is in you is an integral part of your personality and I saw that, you will really not experience happiness if this aspect of your life was not fulfilled. I saw disappointed hopes, broken impetus and shattered projects. Recently again, I know that you had the impression of hitting against a wall. Sometimes your hopes reduce and you sink in sadness and melancholy. Solitude overwhelms you and you tend to give up. In such cases, the danger is even greater. To “give up” in times of desperation, reduces your opportunities to finally have the sentimental life you expect. You lose your attraction capacities at a time when you need them the most. This spills over on your physical state, your way of dressing, of taking care of yourself, your charm, your capacity to seduce and finally on your magnetism and personal aura. Your personal esteem also suffers at times; I see it clearly. Summarily, giving up is reflected on everything that should enable you to develop or maintain a fulfilling love relationship. But now, Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar, you will have the upper hand! | I have things to reveal to you: the coming months will be, I am not afraid to say it, a “double or quits” and can engage you on a good or a bad footing for many years! I went into a great deepened clairvoyance, because the theme of emotions is at the center of your astral sky at this moment. You are at the brink of giving up, whereas everything in your Path of Life indicates that you will encounter sincere, reciprocal and constructive love. And that is where everything can turnaround, if you do not react! Your mind must become POSITIVE, it is the Key. Trust me on the long term, don’t worry if this first period is a bit agitated or if things do not seem to turn out the way you want straightaway . You actually need to cross a delicate stage: empty everything from the past, forget your misfortunes and disappointments. We are just the two of us, seize the hand I am offering you firmly and the new turn of events might surprise you: you will have the impression that the way is lighting up before you, as if it was becoming easy for you to make the right choice. The key sentence concerning your emotions during these coming weeks will be: no precipitation! Act when you are sure of yourself. Now that I can confirm to you that true love is inscribed on the lines of your Destiny, you must absolutely take a step back and make no “default” choice. We shall do everything to free your personal self, and bring it out of this negativity envelop that literally “destroys” it. Therefore, you will become the one leading the dance and deciding. You will be able to be very pleasant and when your own VERY, would have been made, you will have no difficulty achieving your goals. | One important advice: pay more attention to all the people by your side than you did in the past, but without suffocating them or being too demanding. Warning; this advice is not to be taken lightly! There is a real danger of separation. Yet you neither desire nor need temporal love affairs. To recover your seduction aura, and to be a part of the “Charmers”, you certainly need to make the right choice; time is short Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar! Because your ultra-favorable period is very near and will not last very long. I am here, ready to help you with all my occult powers to seize this moment when your love Destiny can turnaround. That’s not all. Your professional activity is also a part of the things that should shake in the coming months… While studying this aspect of your life, the first striking thing is that you have so many qualities that you are unable to exploit or that are not always appreciated to their right value. In actual fact, you are simply not in the place you deserve right now. There are many reasons to that… Have you ever noticed that you had many good ideas that you were unable to express? You lack confidence in yourself. You are not entirely responsible because at times, some of your initiatives were taken over by others and your value was not rightly recognized. You would have benefited more from your activity, be it at the level of responsibilities or your remuneration. | Concerning this topic, I SAW that in the past, you were impeded and that some people were against your positive evolution (with more remuneration) of your functions. But still, these injustices and disappointments caused your capacities and urge for initiative to shrink. This is even more understandable because you were very committed in your work. People also tried to get to you and to cause you to lose trust in yourself. Now that things are hard for you, you must learn how to fight and make the most of everything. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, because an unexpected opportunity, to finally be able to affirm yourself to your right value, will be offered to you within a few weeks. I SAW this opening, this opportunity. Luck and not a miracle! You will still have to fight in order to impose yourself; but true integration awaits you in a coming branch where you will take your place. However, I have to warn you: there might still be some jealousies and backbiting. In fact, all of this depends on a favorable encounter with an influential person that you will be able to convince to trust you. It is thanks to your positive vibrations that will pass between you and them that you will be able to benefit from this opportunity. | This will not please everyone! You will have to be careful and act with tact and diplomacy. You will need to highlight your qualities and real possibilities without complex or timidity… while remaining watchful. All of this is not very easy, especially in your situation today where you still feel yourself in a fragile position. You can clearly sense that you are at a junction and that an error could have grievous consequences. Tell yourself that, in professional as well as personal life, everything is not linear, everything does not evolve peacefully in one direction. And it is very normal. Therefore, it is not because you are not at the best of your capacities now that it will not change for the better! Success is never achieved alone in life. And today, I will personally offer you maximum support and light. You can already be very happy of having made the right choice by contacting me for YOUR OWN good. I am ready to remain by your side to guide you and help you to be at the best of your qualities and act efficiently in agreement with yourself at the appointed time. If your state of mind is already changing as I expect, it is because you have taken the decision to seize YOUR LUCK and changes can start coming very soon. Be alert RIGHT NOW. You have very much intuition and this still goes further. With your answer before my eyes, I still have very particular vibrations, the sensation of being on familiar ground. Just like during my first Divination Flash, long awaited, when I had the impression of being “invaded” by you! | Since this first moments, I felt ALL YOUR MEDIUMISTIC CAPACITIES. I can tell it to you, they are very string and it is actually because they are so strong that I must warn you. Having great capacities does not mean that you know how to use them. On the contrary! It is much work to separate diamond from its gangue to give it its brightness and make it shine with a thousand colors! In clairvoyance and parapsychology, it is important to learn to master ones capacities to be able to use them properly. This cannot be done alone: you need to be guided and led. If not, you expose yourself to two types of risks: lose your gifts by dilapidating and dispersing them and especially attract harmful waves that you will neither be able to dominate, nor control the situation. All the highly mediumistic persons like you are very receptive, therefore very vulnerable . Yet, it is even easier to choose evil compared to good, and to manipulate anything we never know on what we will land! That is why I particularly deepened your case. What I discovered, at the first place, made me enthusiastic then worried. I even asked myself if I had to tell you about it in all honesty or with veiled words… I rapidly opted for the first option because I know that you can understand what I am going to tell you. You have always had gifts for the paranormal since forever. | Remember right from your childhood some particular events that would not have happened to others, some strange sensations, and then these dreams… Sometimes you have even been perturbed and you asked yourself questions: you stood at crossroads. You did not deepen your capacities while keeping them for yourself and continuing to KNOW deep within you. At this point, I am obliged to tell you that perturbations were also created in your existence: they are actually at the origin of many of your current problems. You have most often refused to consider what your “intuition” pushed you to do. This intuition that is indeed a real GIFT. You have too often been between two fires; between your desire to resort to logic and to reasoning only, and your gift that showed you the way to follow. This context of particular vibrations made you fragile and more vulnerable. Many tensions, misunderstandings and even failed attempts can find their roots in these negative vibrations against which you were not able to protect yourself. Since you had no one to advice you in this very particular domain. You feel it confusedly when at times you feel really bad, when adversity hounds you, and that the causes are not very clear. You must right now, free yourself from that, to fully experience what you have to experience; we shall talk about that later on. Your GIFT is a major opportunity for you , now that I was able to help you gain consciousness of its existence. Instead of remaining a hindrance, a source of perturbations, we can totally release it, and lean on it to carry out a real transformation in your life. Beginning RIGHT NOW in order to not miss the GREAT TURN inscribed in the astral figures of your destiny. Now, let’s talk about this central domain in your life: financial means, money… | It is a certainty that today you are not in a comfortable situation and that you worry about the future. Especially as you are very conscious of the fact that you are not in the situation that is supposed to be yours. And you are right! As I have already told you, many opportunities have already presented themselves to you in the past that you did not see at all, or, for the most recent, that you were unable to seize (you certainly remember anyway). You have understood it, you were not really responsible for these failures. In most cases, too many negative vibrations blurred your judgment, made your vision of events quite opaque and the best decisions escaped you. All of this must absolutely stop, and together, we ought to activate everything that is necessary for that. Your Sky is really offering you a Destiny that is so full of luck which does not seem to belong to ordinary mortals! I have rarely seen such a planetary configuration. Not only money should easily enter your house, but in addition, it is accompanied with Luck! This means that you can succeed professionally and have a situation that enables you to earn your life very well. But you also have every reason to think that unexpected good news in the financial domain will come to pass. An unforeseen legacy, a person or administration who owed you an amount that you had lost hope of recovering, having luck in gaming. | Just a small warning about this last point: Luck is a very sensitive element of destiny. It will react to your own vibrations and impulsions. Consider it as an “acquired”, it may slip between your fingers; it smiles to the daring, yes, but especially to those who remain modest in their progression. Then you can embark on gaming, why not, on the condition of betting only small amounts of money for the happiness of finally winning. With time, you will know how to progressively adapt your behavior. In any case, what is certain is that I see for you, a serene future in the financial domain; much more comfortable compared to today. What is deserved ends up coming , be confident, it will happen very soon! Of course, you will be confronted to difficult decisions, blockages that existed and that “have” often been raised against you maliciously, will unfortunately not disappear in one day. You must be accompanied, helped by a spiritual force so as not to absolutely ruin any luck or opportunity. | For you, I will launch a work in depth about the following fundamental directions: fleche Help to decision making by appeasement and recovery of trust in your spiritual self fleche Active fight by White Magic against harmful waves that block Luck fleche Create a shield for total protection around you by activating all my beneficial occult know-how All the revelations that we talked about are already an enormous step in the right direction for you. But you are at crossroads, you know it. Let’s remain together and act right now to seize everything and succeed in everything, it must be your decision today. In your case, Ramakrishnaiah udayakumar, it is still the paradox that dominates. It was predictable! A thick beam of harmful waves has blinded you for a very long time nor and theoretically hindered the arrival of a saving enlightenment… But on one side, the exceptional promises of your astral sky are there to bring you all the possibilities of happiness on a platter. It is a determinant moment that will manifest in your life: the most decisive and probably most happy moment you could ever hope for. You will owe it to this wonderful conjunction that will soon watch over you. | Only one condition: be helped and protected for the necessary time and marvelous moments, securing, passionate will change your life! You have read the greater part and you know that many excellent events are inscribed for you in your astral sky. You have surely understood and I confirm it to you again that you are not a prey to fatality and that EVERYTHING IS STILL POSSIBLE for a fresh start on a good footing! Before that, we must first of all break the grip of these negative vibrations, draw a line on all the evil aspects of the past and RAPIDLY seize all the opportunities to come. Therefore, you have to take the upper hand right now; you must ACT and I want to act for you. Right from the coming weeks and from now, I am ready to use all my Powers to snatch you from this negative circle. I want to involve all my Spiritualist powers to rapidly revitalize your whole situation and ensure a GLOBAL PROTECTION on you and on your environment. You know that, you have all my attention and friendship. An intense spiritual link has already been created between us during these Divination Flashes that I had in a very intense and unexpected way concerning you. For my action to have maximum efficiency, I must be able to act on you and through you. In this way, I will be able to watch over you in the most difficult moments to enable you get around or avoid difficulties. With my most sincere friendship, Signature P.S.: helping you matters a lot to me and I feel so much urgency in your need that I want to offer something to you, which I never did before |

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