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Published: 18 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE LENORE ALBERT!! I have been working closely with a group of mostly OC-based foreclosure victims for a couple of years now. As a media consultant, I help them get their stories out onto mainstream media outlets and also in social media, including livestreaming support. I have followed at least a dozen cases and was working with Lenore Albert as media support. At first, it all was working out great until the distressed homeowners started having HUGE PROBLEMS with Lenore mostly because she does not file motions on time and, therefore, has lost several cases because of her unprofessionalism and incompetence. There’s an entire group of foreclosure victims who have been burned by Lenore and are now getting the word out to potential victims that she is, in truth, a snake in a skirt. She exploits both her clients and the activists who support her. She only cares about your money not you. Do you really want a lawyer to represent you who curses on camera? This woman is a fraud. She claims to help people with foreclosure, yet it seems shes really helping the banks and handing the homes right to them. The one and only experience I personally have with this woman was regarding her slander of those of us working on the home defense movement, which included myself. She lied to homeowners about people she never met, which by definition is slander. Now she is suing her former clients, yelp, other helpers and media for calling her out on her lies, and on her misleading and misrepresenting homeowners. Videos of her verbally abusing a homeowner will also be available as well. I was working on the media support team for a family in Orange she misled and made very aggressive verbal attacks on, on a live streaming video. It was appalling. If you are losing your home you are better off dealing with the courts yourself, than giving this woman a dime of your money. Shame on you Lenore Albert! Very misleading and unreliable. Signed me up with a contract to rep me than never filed a thing, leading me to believe she was my attorney for months and months then dropped the case altogether. Volatile personality and seems like a user – buyer beware! Sadly, this once competent attorney has turned the corner. She once had an outstanding reputation, but as one of her clients I can say first-hand that is no longer true. She has dismissed herself from cases, as in our case, shortly before a hearing, leaving us with no counsel…for no professional reason whatsoever. I cannot begin to emphasis enough the helplessness we felt having to find counsel in less than 2 weeks time or risk facing the courtroom alone, unprepared. And just to be extra vindictive she refused to sign the substitution of attorney so we could represent ourselves pro se, until the end of the day that the trial brief was due, purposely making us late in filing. Lenore Albert, as others have said, talks a good game but, at the end of the day, leaves her clients in the dark about what is really happening. She seems more concerned with preserving her reputation as a wrongful foreclosure pit bull attorney than in giving clients an honest overview of their situation. Our foreclosure and eviction happened while Lenore continued to assure everyone involved that the lenders were in violation of the law and were stealing. It was only too late that it was learned that it was Ms. Albert who was misleading all involved. But by then, the home was foreclosed and all contents auctioned off while she continued to insist otherwise. Yikes!! Classy, I cant say I regret relieving her from being my lawyer in 2012. She filed late, if even at all and we were on the edge of losing our case/home because she was neglectful. Now I see these photos and dig a little myself to see this. Again, horrible experience I had with her then Horrible now it seems. Thanks for hinting to look into her, I wish I knew then what I do now. Now I tell you… wheres a cop when you need one? .

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