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Published: 16 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My experience with Melody was extremely disappointing. First impression of her was great, we actually thought that this might be the lawyer that would do well at representing us. After meeting with more lawyers then we can count, we were impressed. She seemed very knowledgeable, she seemed like she was good at her craft and she seemed very promising for representing my loved one. She seemed like a woman that knew how to speak her mind and we left feeling very good about having her represent us. However, as time went by, things took a drastic turn for the worse. We would call to meet up with her and ask her to go over our case with us repeatedly, we told her we would work around her schedule, whatever she needed, but she would rarely ever take us up on it. When she was “able” to make time for us, she was ALWAYS running late or she would have to reschedule. She NEVER took the time to truly go over our case with us. We had a very complicated case, with a huge case load of information and interviews with everyone involved, and she would NOT give us the time of day. It was beyond frustrating, here we are putting my loves life and future in her hands and she was constantly blowing us off. Melody is a lawyer as well as a public defender and part of her job makes her so busy, that she gets flustered and doesn’t give her full attention to her clients who are depending on her to represent them. She is very good at talking and telling you what you want to hear however, when it comes down to the actual follow through, she doesn’t come through! In her eyes, when she gets a client a plea deal, that is a win for her. Now an excellent lawyer will fight to the end and do whatever it takes. Part of the main reason my significant other took a plea deal, was because we did NOT have any hope or trust in Melody representing us like she said she would. She knew nothing of our case, she interviewed prime witness’s and law enforcement with questions that we had written out for her to ask. She had none of her own to ask. She was unprepared, she didn’t give us important information in regards to our case. She waited until the last minute with everything. She had a chance to actually make a name for herself and blow this case out of the water and let him walk as a free man. We had tons of information for her that proved his innocence, but instead she blew us off. Because of that, he took a plea deal, which she also didn’t explain to him on the day he had to make the biggest decison of his life! She rushed him and was very anxious to get it over with it and go to her next appointment. She doesn’t understand that, these are peoples loved ones and not just another file on her desk needing to be checked off her list of things to do. These are just a few of the things that had happened with her, I could write a lot more where this came from, but I would run out of room. Melody needs to stick with what she knows, which in my eyes isn’t very much. She is in the wrong profession and needs to think more about her clients, then with the money that she is getting paid to NOT do her job! .

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