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I almost went to jail for his mistakes

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a hard time last year and ended up getting in a lot of debts. My husband died, my mom got sick, and a cousin tried to kill himself, all of this caused me a mild depression that got even worse after I got fired. I was drowning in debts and saw no way out of this.
Thank god I was able to find someone who helped me get out of this situation, he was kind and supportive, but that’s another story. I’m here to talk about the law office of Raymond J. He was the one I went to after some collectors started pushing the legal limits to get me to pay money I didn’t have. He said he could help, and I trusted him, we worked together for over 5 months, everything went smoothly, I was finally feeling like my life was getting back on track. On the 6th month of working with Raymond, I started getting calls again, e-mails, visits, the full harassment pack. I called this agency to find out what was happening, and apparently, my lawyer had been ignoring their calls, saying that he had nothing to do with me or my debts. This was really weird, so I talked to him about it, but he brushed me off, said they were crazy and that he was going to sue them for contacting me.
This whole situation started to feel sketchy, I was afraid and uncertain of what would happen to me. I talked to my friends about it, but they didn’t find this strange at all, that helped me calm down at first, but now I understand why. These people take advantage of the fact that we don’t know all the laws and use this to their benefit, tricking us into signing contracts that don’t give us any real benefit. I don’t believe this is the case for all the law offices but certainly seems like it’s the case for this particular one.
The calls and the visits stopped after a while, I thought it was over and left my guard down, but this was just the start of something worse.
A police officer showed up at my door on a Monday, stating that I had missed a citation, and they had to take me in. I spent 2 very traumatic days in a cell, not even knowing what I had done wrong. I found out later that my lawyer had not reported such citations to me, they were never delivered to my mail and never heard of anything like that, so I missed it. I was about to face major charges for fraud and tax evasion for things that I had no idea were happening!
That was it for me, I broke all ties with this firm, I contacted another lawyer, and he was able to get me out of that mess before I actually went to jail. I’m sure that he had no bad intentions but still, his mistake could’ve cost me a lot, and he was not willing to take responsibility for what he did.

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