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Published: 12 March 2019

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Attorney Tim Flagerman has a slovenly approach to how he conducts business and you should re-think your options about whether to have him work for you. My personal experience was one of great disappointment. I came to know Mr. Flagerman a couple of years ago. The initial consultation went well. He was upbeat and I left feeling positive. I was required to leave a retainer and was given a list of materials that I should assemble for my case. That was my first and last positive encounter with Mr. Flagerman. Then, over the next 12 months or so, I contacted Mr. Flagerman about matters relating to my case and we set appointments. Of the fifteen or so email sends and telephone messages I left over that period of time, we only met a few times. In each case, he was ill prepared for the meeting or telephone call since he had not reviewed the documents I left for him nor had he done any simple legal research on my matter. (To this day, I am certain he NEVER reviewed my materials I left for him.) As I spoke to him in his office, he would frequently want to chat about basic nonsense that was not germane to my concern or would be surfing the Internet. In addition, he never gave me a receipt for my retainer nor did he send me a fee agreement as required by law. I foolishly believed that it was a minor technicality and that I had little grounds for concern. To this date, Mr. Flagerman has still not sent me a single monthly statement for his work on my case. On several occasions, we had a calendared and CONFIRMED meeting or telephone call arranged in which he failed to show up for or contact me as promised. I certainly recognize that some people are tremendously busy; however, standard business etiquette and protocols would dictate that one should always make a concerted effort to return the client’s messages in a timely fashion and professional manner. If a business person (lawyer, architect, accountant, etc.) does not return messages, the natural inference is that they don’t care about your matter. As weeks turned to months, Mr. Flagerman responded to fewer and fewer of my emails and telephone calls. On one occasion, I came to find out that he discussed my matter with a third party, breaching the attorney-client privilege. Again, I thought this was a minor issue since I knew nothing about legal ethics at the time. After about 15 months of putting up with this legal sloth, I was advised by the California Bar to send him a return receipt letter asking for my legal file and the receipt for my retainer. Although this did wake him up, his attention was very short lived. What I am most upset about is that Mr. Flagerman wasted well over one (1) year of my time. I should have fired him a long time ago. Time is precious and it cannot be compensated for. I will not draw any conclusions as to why Mr. Flagerman treated me in such an unprofessional manner, but the California Bar will. .

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