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Charged me a lot for a lost case

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I never through lawyers could be this incompetent until I hired Law Offices of Brian Breiter, LLP. The lawyer had poor communication skills and was only interested in the money.

I was involved in a car accident due to the driver’s negligence. I sustained serious injuries, but luckily, the insurance company catered part of my hospital bill. This did not feel right since I used my own money to clear the rest of the bill, and so I decided to sue the driver for negligence. I did not know much about the personal injury law, and so I decided to look for a competent lawyer to help me out. Finding a good lawyer was quite a process as there are so many law offices in Los Angeles. Luckily most of these law firms have websites one can use to learn more about their services online. After checking a few law firms, I decided to go with Law Offices of Brian Breiter, LLP, since they had a good online presence and positive customer reviews. This law firm offered details about their services online in a clear manner, and I decided to hire them.

I called their offices that afternoon, and there was no one to answer the phone. I decided to wait for their call, but they never called, and so I decided to visit their physical address, which a few blocks from where I lived. Their offices were well organized, and the few office staff available looked professional to me. I explained that I had called them earlier, but there was no one to answer. This did not bother them at all, and all they said was sorry. This did not ring a bell. I continued to explain my case, which they were willing and ready to help me out at a cost.

They asked me to make a down payment before they could serve me, which I was okay with. Before leaving their premises, I asked to meet the lawyer who would handle my case and explain a few details. The lawyer seemed presentable, but he did not speak a lot. I assumed he was quite a person, not knowing I was making a mistake of hiring him. Throughout the week, Law Offices of Brian Breiter, LLP, handled the paperwork for me, and the case would be presented to the court in the coming week. I was happy since I knew I would get justice for my case.

During the court process, the lawyer representing me was nervous and unable to pass a point clearly. This a weakness the other party recognized and used to their advantage. They kept asking my lawyer tough questions, and since he was nervous, he could not answer the questions correctly. We lost the case since I received half the compensation I was expecting. I was so disappointed at Law Offices of Brian Breiter, LLP, for providing me an incompetent lawyer when I needed someone experienced and professional.

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