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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Mr. Cliff with the false pretense that he was a bulldog who was going to ensure the best for me and my daughter against my abusive ex-husband. He sounded great pre-trial then hit me with a bus the day of court. He put me in tears with him telling me I was not going to get anything I wanted and that my husband was going to get anything. He wouldn’t push any issues I set forth. The abuse I endured had nothing to do with my daughter suddenly. When we got to the agreeing to things via a voice recording, he asked me if I agreed with x, y and z which most of which he never asked me and I felt pressured to say yes. I even hesitated but went with yes with everyone looking at me and I felt highly uncomfortable, tears running down my face and stress ball in hand. He didn’t get me any back support. | I am injured from a car accident during my marriage and have been unable to work and won’t be able to work a little longer to recover from surgery which the law states I can receive temporary emergency alimony but he refused to try for it. He also gave away the rights to taking my daughter off on my taxes ever which was never agreed upon in court but suddenly ended up in my final judgement that I apparently didn’t have to agree upon or sign off on so the attorneys could add whatever mumbo jumbo they wanted, which they did and I couldn’t stop any of it. It took 4 months after the court hearing to even get the final judgement and my ex got a recording from the court hearing yet I didn’t which I needed to figure out what was decided in court and what was not. Mr. Cliff and his assistant were near impossible to get in touch with. | His assistant and front desk clerk were rude the majority of the time. Mr. Cliff continued to talk down to me towards the end. It became very clear that he wouldn’t say my ex was abusive narcissist because he was one too. I am now being forced to report him to the bar and take legal action to the best I can as a woman with only a little child support coming my way. If I had the money, I would have fired him before the court appearance which he had tried quitting days before my court appearance and was going to leave me without an attorney all because I was behind by something like $800.

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