Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC.

Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC.

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a fraudulent Domestic Violence charge against me that started my divorce. I hired Ms. Latta to have the DV case dismissed and represent me in my Divorce which she said “let me do my Job I am good at this”. The DV case was never dismissed. It negatively affected the outcome. I believe the mere fact I am male and was issued a Domestic violence citation and restraining order prejudiced her in rigorulsly defending me in the court system. There was no Domestic abuse in any way shape or form! And furthermore no evidence! | Here are the things she fail to do: | 1. Not prepared for a hearing about car insurance being paid by my ex…NM law precludes the payment of car insurance and only require health insurance. I told her I did not want to have a hearing unless we were certain of winning…I lost. | 2. The Jointly OWNED HOME was to be sold by decree and settlement and Ms. Latta forced me to sign a lien for her attorney fee…which I did…then the house was never sold….7 years later it was foreclosed on and Ms. Latta lost her fee. She then turned over to collection a bill for 94k in 2014 that I did not know about. I was never sent a bill. When I was transferred to Denver in the spring of 2015 I tried to purchase a home and was denied as there was a collection amount of $104,000. on my credit report from Ms. Latta. I never received one bill, notice or demand for any payments as her “lien” was our agreement for the payment of her bill which was about 7800.00$ at the time. I think this is a breach of contract in my opinion. She had the ability to enforce the sale of the home, and 6 years to collect her fee and she did not. At the time of lien signing there was enough equity to cover her bill $8-10k. I mean she is in court every day and could have made a motion to compel the sale. Instead she did nothing and charged interest in an obscene amount for 9 years? | 3. I have left messages for her to call me, to take this off my credit, and fix this problem which she has not done. I have demanded the bills and accounting from the collection agency and they claim they have them but will not send them. I believe she is being malicious and repugnant. | I pray that your intervention will resolve this matter with the withdrawal of the negative comment on my credit report. Additionally I would like all debt forgiven as I did not breech our agreement.

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