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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a review about attorney Eric Krueger. Mr Krueger, a lawyer at Mark Knutson Law Offices,, had gotten a restraining order out on my mom and I, without any prior warning, after a dispute we had with our relative, (his client), over money my mom had gotten in a wrongful death settlement due to the death of my grandma, who was also my mom’s mother, and his client’s sister, because of nursing home neglect. | My mom had given his client some money, which she asked my mom for, but my mom wanted it back after she believed his client didn’t care about what happened to her own sister, admitted she forgot about her, and that she only wanted the money. He turned everything around on me and my mom in the RO petition, treated us like criminals, said we were harassing his client, defaming her, embarrassing her, trying to intimidate and coherence her into paying my mom the money back and implying we made bad stuff up about her and how she treated us to get her to pay the money back, which wasn’t true, but what we said about her and how she treated us was true, so there was no defamation, and he referred to my grandma as being a stranger to his client, left out how we got the money, and who my grandma was to his client, on purpose, in order to protect and cover for his client. And if she tried to tell him the stuff we said wasn’t true, then she was the only one lying. | He talked about our ‘petty grudges’, ‘strange childhood anecdotes’, and that I made her out to be a racist. Well, when someone refers to you as a ‘half-n*****’, I think that is racism. But he acted like the way she treated us and how we felt didn’t matter and it was OK for her to do that to us, and to treat my grandma the way she did, but not OK for us to say anything about it. | His client never understands how we feel or how what she does to us hurts us, also which we told him, but ignored. And he had nerve saying that stuff about me and my mom when he knew nothing about us, or the history between us and his client and how rotten she treated for no reason, me, my mom and grandma, who was so good to her and her kids, unlike his client was to me; and then he treats my grandma the way he did in that petition. My mom and I had no way to get to where the RO hearing would be, so we told him that and wanted to settle things between us, told him our side of the story, that what we said about her and how she treated us was true and not doing that to coerce or intimidate her in ‘order to collect an alleged debt’, why we wanted ‘some kind of an apology’, and also about all the nasty, hateful things his client said to my mom on the phone about the money, including a nasty remark about me, but we got no response, ignored it all, and still went ahead with the RO hearing even though we had no way of getting out there to defend ourselves, which him and his client both knew. | And the reason my mom left him ‘40’ messages was because he made sure we had no way to get to that hearing to tell our side of the story. My mom then filed a small claim for the money. Mr. Krueger wanted a trial, although my mom wanted to settle it that day we talked to the commissioner, and Mr. Krueger wanted the trial moved to the same city and place where the RO hearing was, because he knew we couldn’t get out there. | But the commissioner let it stay in the city where my mom filed the claim, which we had a right to do. Mr. Krueger also said that my mom had no right to ask for the money back because she asked his client for it after the check was cashed, and he even wanted to bring a witness from the bank to prove his client deposited the check, but my mom had asked her for the money back weeks before she cashed the check but his client still cashed and kept it anyway, even though she knew my mom wanted it back. | When his client first asked my mom for the money, she said she wanted it for moving. But then later she said it had nothing to do with that. So we wondered what she wanted it for and told this to Mr. Krueger. We got no response. | Before the date of our small claim trial, my mom had a seizure and was in the hospital. I called the law office and asked if we could please settle this. We got no response. | My mom then called when she got home, and then when it got closer to the hearing, he said his client would consider a settlement offer. My mom wanted half of what she gave his client. But he said on the day of the trial that all she could afford was 1500$. (If his client couldn’t afford to pay my mom back, why did he want a trial in the first place or ask her for a settlement amount which he said his client said was too much)? | My mom said no. So we talked to the judge. Mr. Krueger said the money was a gift and gave a new story to the judge that his client used the money for her dog that had gotten sick, was blind now, and that the money was all gone, something me and my mom never heard until that day, and think that was only an excuse and something they made up to make her look sympathetic because we wanted to know what she really used that money for. | So we believe his client lied about using that money for her dog in front of that small claims judge. First she told us she needed it for moving, a washer and dryer and security deposit. Then it had nothing to do with that, and then on the day of the small claim hearing it was for her dog. | (His client was all teary in front of the small claims judge over her dog, but shed no tears for my grandma or said she was sorry to me and my mom for what happened to my grandma, and that she didn’t only want the money, and she cared more about what supposedly happened to her dog than what happened to her own sister who was like a vegetable in the ICU, dying of anoxic brain injury after suffering cardiac arrest at her nursing home, where the nurses did nothing to help her. And my mom had to make the decision to take my grandma off life support. | But Mr. Krueger asked us all kinds of stupid questions during the small claim hearing that had nothing to do with anything, and even tried to turn everything around on me and my mom that day too. It was all about his client once again. But it didn’t work with the judge and he wasn’t happy with Mr. Krueger and what he was all saying in defense of his client. | The judge said, why couldn’t my mom ask her for the money back since there was doubt in Mr. Krueger’s client’s mind about keeping the money? So the judge left it up to my mom, if she wanted the money or just an apology from Mr. Krueger’s client for admitting to my mom she had forgotten about my grandma. My mom took that and left her off the hook because she was trying to be nice once again to Mr. Krueger’s client and was thinking of family unlike his client who only wanted the money so my mom said she should have said the money was more important to her that family like it was to his client. | But then my mom found out that Mr. Krueger’s client had a new car. She could afford a new car, but not afford to pay my mom back, and wondered if she even used some of the money my mom gave her for that, and we got no response from him about that either. I contacted him to see if the RO was lifted, but got no response. | A few months later my mom found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She left a message telling Mr. Krueger that, and to pass that on to his client. She got no response from either of them. | She then left another one asking him if he told her that and to ask her if she would look into the goodness of her heart to start paying my mom back now that she was sick, (and is also legally blind, like Mr. Krueger’s client’s dog), but again got no response, not even a get well card from his client, if he even told her, which would be the typical gratitude his client has showed us after supposedly helping her with that money to help her dog which she didn’t even thank my mom for. Mr. Krueger was so smart with the RO, claiming we were harassing his client, defaming her, trying to intimidate and coherence her into paying my mom the money back, which wasn’t true, and was so smart when he was fighting my mom tooth and nail over the money, knowing what we said about his client was true, but went ahead with all that anyway, but since the small claims judge was going to side with my mom, now he and his client have nothing to say when you question him about using that money for her dog, not being able to afford to pay my mom back but has a new car, or ask him to ask his client to look into the goodness of her heart to start paying my mom back now that she has cancer. | And we never even got an apology from him for referring to and treating my grandma the way he did in that RO petition, and never got an I’m sorry for what happened to my grandma from his client or that she did care about her and didn’t only want the money. He seemed to think his client was this poor, sweet, nice person, but it is easy for her to fool someone who doesn’t know her, or didn’t grow up with her or live with her. And he sure does not know her like we do. | But we were heartbroken when our pet died too, but we were also heartbroken when my grandma died, unlike her own sister, his client. We can’t believe, and it was terrible how he and his client treated not only us, but how they treated my grandma in that RO, all which she let him do, who was the real victim in all of this (my grandma) and not his client. When he said she could only afford 1500$, my mom was going to let it go, and accepted the apology so things could be better between us. But then my mom found out she had a new car and a new car costs a lot more than what my mom gave her. | But still my mom only called him months after when she found out she had cancer to ask him to ask his client to look into the goodness of her heart to start paying my mom back now, and she still got no response. Now they have nothing to say. This is what my mom gets once again for being nice to her, which has always been the thanks and type of gratitude his client has shown us. | Then Mr. Krueger and his client talked about the way we treated her. It’s always about her. How about the way they both treated us and my grandma? And is treating my mom now? | His client never thinks about what she does to us. It’s always OK to treat us the way she does, but not for us to say anything about it; you have to always be nice to her or there hell for us to pay. And he thinks his client is not despicable? | My mom reaches out to him to tell his client she has breast cancer and if she could look into goodness of her heart to pay my mom back now, and they ignore it. What kind of lawyer is he? He jumped all over me and my mom, made us the bad guy, but failed to address why he disrespected my grandma the way he did in that petition, after how horrible it was what happen to my grandma and how hard it was on me and my mom, and why his client could only afford to pay my mom back 1500$ after all the money my mom gave her, but could afford to buy a brand new car, and why his client is always so nasty and hateful to us. | The judge said my mom did have a right to ask for the money back, and asked Mr. Krueger why couldn’t she, but there was Mr. Krueger saying in that RO petition prior to the small claim hearing, that we were harassing, intimidating, embarrassing, defaming and coercing her into paying back ‘an alleged debt’. So now he and his client have not one word to say. | I hope this finally proves to him now that all his client cared about was what her friends and other family, who she never treats the way she does us, would think about her and being ‘embarrassed’ in front of them, and cared not about us or my grandma, and realizes now, if he didn’t know it before, that what we said about his client, and how she always treated us and my grandma, was the truth. And if he thinks this is a way for my mom to coerce her into paying us back, which it IS NOT, that’s really low. |

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