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Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos

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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am not going to live in fear no more . I am so sick of living in fear from the police . for the past 4 years I have lived in fear . I am sick of it . I don’t care who I piss off . but I am going to tell the truth the way I feel . the people in down yonder park for years bullied they have attacked me and ran me over with a golf cart . the park manager is friends with all the same people who attacked me . | so the park manager had me arrested for stalking her . I went to jail for 36 hours . so I hired George tragos . it was $10.000 injunction and $15.000 for the stalking . I ask can I go to jail for this and he said yes . so we went to court for the injunction . and this is what the judge said . | THE FACTS TESTFIED TO BY THE PETITIONER AND THOSE FACTS ALLEGED IN HER PETITION DO NOT CONSTITUTE CYBERSTALKING AND DO NOT CONSTITUTE A VIOLATION OF THE STATUTES PERTAINING THERETO . THE COURT HERBY DISMISSES THE TEMPORARY INJUNCTION AND THE PETITION FOR INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST STALKING FILED BY THE PETITONER, DEBORAH GIBB . | Gibb told the police and the court two different stories and it seems no body cared . after the injunction tragos wanted the other $ 15.000 for the stalking . I feel the attorney used scare tactics . when I asked him can I go to jail and he said yes . AND AFTER THE JUDGE SAID THIS DO NOT CONSTITUTE CYBERSTALKING AND DO NOT CONSTITUTE A VIOLATION OF THE STATUTES PERTAINING THEREO . TWO YEARS LATER GIBB WAS FIRED FROM DOWN YONDER PARK FOR SOME COVER UP . | IN MY HEART I DON’T TRUST TRAGO’S . if I did what Gibb did perjury tell one thing in court and tell another thing to the police I would be in jail and their is proof and tragos did not do any thing about it . if you are gay nobody care’s . I have working telling my story for the past 3 years and nobody cares . but the courts and the police let Debbie Gibb get away with perjury because I am gay . I dont get it the law is the law . but it looks like some people get away with it . I lost 60% of my eye sight because of Gibb hate for me . I now don’t trust any body .

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