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Published: 15 June 2018

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Lawless America is a fake documentary film and a fake revolution – The Lawless America Revolution. The stated goal is to save America by exposing government and judicial corruption. The actual goal is to target vulnerable individuals for financial gain through solicitation of donations for a fake non-profit, and retaliatory lawsuits against anyone who backs out. Description Lawless America is a fake documentary consisting of hours of taped affidavits by members of the public. These videos are unedited and lack any coherence necessary to be classified as a documentary film. The Lawless America Revolution: The stated goal is to save America by exposing government and judicial corruption. The actual goal appears to be in operating as a front for a group domestic terrorists known as Sovereign Citizens. Several of the founding members of Lawless America and its parent company GRIP operate as sovereigns and Windsor has never explained his relationship to these members. Lawless America began as a concept when, after many years of bad business practices and frivolous lawsuits (to include threats against all who question him, those who comment on this website and the owners of this website themselves), William M. Windsor began to believe that there were corrupt judges as well as corrupt attorneys in America. The domain name was purchased in December 2007 to chronicle Bill Windsor’s attempt to prove the perceived corruption in his own famous lawsuit: the Maid of the Mist Scandal. Windsor was found at fault and ordered to pay damages to the Maid, as well as to the court. He was identified as a vexatious litigant thus: “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Plaintiff, William M. Windsor, and any parties acting in concert with him or at his behest, are PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from filing any complaint or initiating any proceeding, including any new lawsuit or administrative proceeding, in any court (state or federal) or agency in the United Stated without first obtaining leave of a federal district court in the district in which the new complaint or proceeding is to be filed. [Case 1:11-cv-01923-TWT Document 74 Filed 07/15/11] Such attempts to plead his own case by indicating corruption of the entire American justice system included the publication of a false news report claiming that the Constitution of the United States was dead. On June 14, 2012, Bill embarked on what he claimed was a 241-day road trip to all 50 states, filming 750 victims of government and judicial corruption. There are supposedly over 1,000 videos on the Lawless America YouTube site which he claims will be edited into a single movie or be used for a follow up TV show. In February 2013, Windsor led a group of a couple hundred people to Washington, D.C., where he claimed they would be giving their testimony to members of the press and the Congress. The event failed to achieve any of the stated Lawless America goals. Leading up to and following DC, Windsor decided that he would run for office and start a new political party all his own. His platform increasingly became more radical as he quoted from Sovereign Citizen doctrine. Windsor’s plan for reforming the corruption in America included a complete reworking of the U.S. Constitution to include abolishing the death penalty except for acts of treason, which he also redefined. Windsor claims Lawless America is a member of the media with an online publication, an online radio show, and an online TV show and that he has the right to retain information about all members of the public with whom he has dealings. Yet conversely he claims to be a private citizen and that any criticism of his person or business ethics is a criminal act and subject to persecution. This includes public displays of his stalking of victims on his website and Facebook pages. In fact this stalking became so prevalent that one of his victims filed a protective order against him, and he filed one back in retaliation. Windsor now has a pending lawsuit against this former volunteer and 1,000 John Does, which he claims is a necessary step to take back America from corrupt courts. .

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