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Published: 30 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sometime in February 2014, you published a against my name. The report was based on lies from Kathy Valentine, a client of mine from Las Vegas. She sent me $500.00 dollars to represent her in a child support case in New York; she gave me the wrong date for the case. She said the hearing was scheduled for Tuesday February 4, 2014; but on night of Feb 3, 2014, she called to inform me that she made a mistake and the case was actually on Monday Feb 3, 2014. Kathy came to me only after several attorneys in NY turned down her case because she could not afford to pay $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 the attorneys were asking for. I was doing Kathy Valentine a favor only because her God-mother is my friend; if not, I would have charged her my regular fee, and probably not take her messed-up case.. I advised her that if she chooses to discontinue, I would deduct my time spent on her case. I did not sign a contract with her because I am not requires to, unless my fee is $3,000.00 and above. Even though I offered to open up the case for her; Ms. Valentine subsequently advised me that she no longer wants to continue with the case and that I should return her money. You need to understand that Kathy Valentine communicated with me fourteen times between January 2014 and the first week of February 2014. (my telephone record shows) There were many more calls in November and December 2013, but I am not even counting these calls. However, the 14 calls amounts to three and a half, (3.5 hours ) of calls at my hourly rate of $275.00 an hour. amounted to $962.00, ( each call is billed at 15 minutes.). In addition to $100.00 dollars of consultation fee, my total fee is $1,062.50. I then deducted the $500.00 she sent me, thus leaving a balance of $562.50. I further advised Ms. Valentine that even though she owes me $562.50, I would forego this balance owed and call it a day. However I sent her the bill, informing her that we owe each other nothing. In spite of this letter, Kathy Valentine continued to call me at an harassing degree, all hours of the day and night and demanding that I return her $500.00; not to mention the profanity and verbal abuse. I ignored her calls and demands because I believe that I owe her nothing. I believe this is a scam, because within a week of above incident, I received a call from a company in California informing me that a negative review was written against me by Kathy Valentine; and that they would charge me $2,500.00 to remove it. In June 2014, Kathy Valentine called to inform me that the court opened up her case and she wanted to know if I would represent her in Court; of course I informed her that she would first have to remove the negative report she placed on the internet against me. She called to inform me that she tried to remove it but was unable to. "I would If I could," she said. She told me that I will have to do it myself. I then informed her that I would not be available to represent her in court. The question is, if I ripped her off in February 2014, why would she return to me for legal services in June 2014. I cannot sue Kathy Valentine because she is destitute and judgment-proof. I recently refer this case to the New State Attorney General because I believe this is a scam based on lies. I have a very small practice, and this has a negative effect on my business; therefore, I am respectfully requesting that you remove the negative report against my name. Jane I Farley, Esq.

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