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Published: 04 September 2018

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Buyers please beware..this seller is all roses and butterflies until you cross her the wrong way. This business is ran by a woman who does NOT know what the phrase “good customer service” means. She is incredibly rude, mean, and spitful towards anyone who disagrees or questions her, her barn, or her tactics. She cannot respond back to someone who may have had a negative experience at her barn or on her websites with concern, rather she attacks them. Not one time has the owner actually showed that she genuinely cares about her potential clients when something goes wrong. She lists horses for sale on her website and then belittles people when they have any type of question, and she is never nice or helpful. There are many people who have gone to her for information on sale horses and she is quick to tell them “This sale would help me pay off such and such bills” and try to guilt trip them into buyig, my friend was one of them. The barn is also not kept and it seems the owner is more interested in selling sweatshirts and worrying about how important she is on Facebook then really looking out for what matters. “Maria was very rude to my friend when she went to try a horse that she had for sale. I was there for support and to ask questions and Maria was clearly irritated. She went to get said horse that my friend was there to see and all the horses scattered. I’ve never seen so many horses run from one person. She was hung over(her words) when we arrived and was nothing was rude. Not a professional way to run a business.” “I want to say. Wow. This place was not only depressing to see with every single tree with the bark chewed off upto 8ft on the tree. But the fact the rudeness also. I was planning on purchasing a horse and wanted a vet check. Telling that to Maria she responded with ‘if you want to pay your vet to tell me what’s wrong with my horse. Be my guest’ then telling me the horse was being leased for the show season the selling from right under said leaser. Very unprofessional. There are probably close to 40 horses on the property and most are kept in a mud lot. Appalling.” “Complete lack of respect for potential customers and seems to be content with creating drama with others in the horse community and then air it all out on her business page and then encourages others to comment with negative marks. I spoke my opinion regarding these negative post and was told to unlike the page she does not have good work ethics and does not care for her customers I would not recommend this business to others.” “Horrible customer service and very unprofessional!!!! Will not recommend lazy star to anyone ever!!! Absolutely appalled by the whole place!

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