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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently re-connected with a girl that dated my brother years ago on Facebook (Kelley Beveridge). As we were reconnecting, she mentioned coming to a free, guest night for people graduating from this LB Seminars program. I decided, why not, and met her there. I wasted an hour of my life in a shoddy hotel in Calgary, playing grade-school self esteem games in groups with a bunch of strangers. A week later this same old acquaintance asked me if I wanted to take the upcoming course. I really wasn’t that interested but she said she would pay for it for me and I could pay her back. I found it overly expensive at $682.50, for 2 evenings and 2 full days pf training, without meals provided. I ended up letting her sign me up and sent her an email money transfer to pay her back a week later. As she paid and registered me, I did not see a contract specifying and terms and did not get a receipt.Since then, my mother has become gravely ill and I am in between jobs. Knowing that my mother in in the hospital, and will have to take her to live with me to care for her, I asked this company to refund me the money due to life circumstances. The course is still 3 weeks away, May 22, 2014. They did not care that my mother was ill and neither did my brothers ex girlfriend, who signed me up. Like a cult member, she kept insisting I take the course and did not seem to care that my mother was ill. I asked her to help with getting a refund and she didn’t say anything. These people are unprofessional, greedy, money hungry, unqualified uncompassionate people and I will be reporting this to every media source I possibly can. I highly recommend that anyone stay clear of this company that is supposed to teach life skills, when they should be taught compassion. .

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