LDR Construction Services, Inc.

LDR Construction Services, Inc.

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Our home was damaged from a gas explosion of a neighbor’s home on June 11th, 2017. I found LDR in Rockford on State Farm’s website. On June 23, 2017 we entered into an agreement and were clear that our siding company was to be used, we had replacement coverage therefore the same material must be used unless discussed with me and that I receive a schedule for repairs. LDR and State Farm discussed the job and they agreed upon a completion date of November 30th, 2017. State Farm sent an email confirming this on August 1, 2017 to LDR and me. I requested a schedule numerous times but LDR would not issue one. Their workers and/or sub-contractors failed to show when expected, used the incorrect replacement material from what was currently in place, did not use material stated in their own quote that was mandatory city code, missed repairing a cracked 2×4 in the wall that was called out in the Architectural drawing, did not finish the demo leaving the screws and nails in the 2x4s, and nails, staples and tack strip on the sub-flooring. | Our Bank’s inspector deemed the house at 16% complete in January 2018, seven months after the explosion and they had received a total of 45,884.18 the beginning of August 2017 | Once the agreement was dissolved, LDR sent me a final invoice for 58,998.87. The bill included work/services that were not done, were not completely done, were not done to code (as indicated by the City when they received the permit), billed for materials based on the estimate than what was actually used, and billed for a cancelled purchase order from Home Depot. We had missing items and items damaged by LDR. Out of the 45,884.18 they have only done 28,897.60 (our current contractor still thinks that it’s too high) leaving 16,986.58 to be credited. The insurance company will not cover any rental expense passed March 30th, 2018 and we will still be out of our home April and possible May of 2018. Based on this experience, LDR seems to be doing a bait and switch with agreed up work/material, trying to get money for work not done. They made decisions to make changes that was not theirs to make, cut corners with less skilled people (their failed attempt to put in windows), billing for work that was not performed or finished. It is bad enough that people go through a terrible and frightening tragedy that turns their life upside down only to fall prey to a construction company that is conducting what seems like fraudulent business practices creating another level of stress and anguish.

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