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Published: 23 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

For several years now, LDS was (in my humble opinion) the best designed and run Latter-day Saint dating site on the Internet. It certainly ranked up there with the venerable LDS Lest one wonder why I’m kicking about the site offering me an incentive to re-subscrib–and failing to mention that they have retained the LDS questions, but are are now mingling the site with two other NON-LDS dating sites…many Latter-day Saints want to FIND-DATE-and-MARRY those of their own faith, who hold similar values dear. Furthermore, it is generally a safer arena to date within because those who attend church regularly are answerable to their bishop and ward for their behavior. Furthermore, it gives a cohesiveness to relationships when both parties hold the same values (no drinking, no smoking, no coffee, no recreational drugs, no sex before marriage, etc.). Values which much of our society does not hold with. So it takes a source, a “special pool,” from which to draw. So I paid for their half price deal for 6 months’ membership via debit card. It was only AFTER the system had my money, that a screen popped up asking if I wanted my profile to be listed on two other (non-LDS) dating sites. Huh? Reading through profiles, it became quickly apparent that this site is operating under rather false pretenses nowadays. It retained the name “LDS Planet,” and the profile questions (how often do you attend church? do you have a temple recommend), however it is now no different than or any other dating site. But one only discovers the change AFTER one has paid their money! I notified Customer Service the same day that they got my money, that I would like a refund, and gave them the reason why (they are not what they appear to be). The next day I received a condescending (and I thought rather rude) email back. They feel they have done nothing wrong. They are keeping my money. So, if you are LDS and think this site remains an LDS dating site–as it was for years–IT IS NOT! Thank goodness I only paid 50% of what they claim they normally charge. As the price was under $25 by just a bit, any Oregon Consumer Protection Laws about changing one’s mind probably do not apply. I’d have been just sick to have paid the whole amount! Hopefully in a while, the word will circulate and their LDS members will leave for sites remaining genuinely for ‘birds of a feather.’

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