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Published: 15 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a rebuttal from a faithful employee of LE Capital. A former manager, WHO NOW USES HIS WIFE TO SIGN UP WITH LENDERS, asked me to come work for him after Nadia fired him (after finding out that he was/is a HEROIN ADDICT). I respectfully declined. I stood by Nadia for she is one of the most compassionate, smart, and generous business leaders one can ever meet. As a responsible business owner, it is her duty to fire incompetents, drug addicts, and crooks dressed in 3-piece suits. Nadia has been in business for 10 years, and in this industry for 15. Her growing list of repeat clients year after year is no accident. He who wrote this complaint demonstrates his incompetence by failing to even write complete words in English. Here at LE Capital, we care about our clients. We want them to come back – and they do, for the simple reason that we give them a good deal. It is unfortunate that the internet is so open that any disgruntled employee, high on drugs, who stole company property can come here and utter lies like this with total impunity. It is quite the coincidence that this complaint appears about one month after said individual was fired. It is also interesting that he chose to badmouth ONDECK, one of the most respected lenders in this industry, since they will no longer do business with him, either. In reality, the things he accuses Nadia and Tom of are exactly the kind of things that resulted in him being fired. He has jumped from company to company, presenting himself as some sort of superstar, and then quickly being discovered for who he really is. In fact, criminal charges have been filed against him for theft; his arraignment is scheduled for January, 2015. Now he finds himself blacklisted by many lenders, making it difficult for him to do business. Pal, you are so predictable and desperate, and your continuing self-deceit is no surprise to us. You, NAVEED KHAN, are a notorious pathological liar. Everyone knows. Get some help, go to rehab! For God’s sake do it for your family. Now, about Tom Basil. You hold a grudge against him because he has no respect for you whatsoever. As Tom said himself: "Because of his heroin addiction he did not perform his job properly. Seven salespeople made little or no money for a couple of months for he sucked at his job. Because of this – because of him, some employees left the company and the remaining ones are trying to get back on their feet, all this because of his incompetence fueled by heroin addiction."

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