Lea Thompson: 'Anarchist' or Prima Donna?

Lea Thompson: 'Anarchist' or Two Faced Prima Donna?

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Vera Dorosh

‘Anarchist’ – is it the new buzzword? It’s a word circulating around in sub-communities of truth and freedom. But, is the truth and freedom which Lea Thompson represents real truth and freedom or farce? This public service announcement will explore the character of Lea Thompson, specifically taking a look at her reactionary and defensive communication style towards others whose worldviews differ from her worldviews. These are others within the anarchist/truth/freedom community.

Lea Thompson recently made a video called, “How To Deal With Trolls” which can be found here on her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJe0SBgRQ4g&t=1s. Ms. Lea Thompson reacted to a comment on a video which challenged her world views and commented on the sub par quality content of her video. The comment can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXqviDWBhKs&t=606s. (The Steem Sister Show – Episode 116 // Acts of Kindness). Lea Thompson cherry picked what made her feel insecure. This is as opposed to offering a reflection on any valid truths the other person may have presented. It was all about defending her Ego.

Lea Thompson reacted to her worldviews being challenged by putting up the following on her Twitter girlgone_crypto, in the form of an image: “those who are kicking ass in their own life, don’t take the time to stop and tear other’s down.” This is an exclusionary and defensive statement made by Lea Thompson – which poses an us vs. them mentality. The statement was validated by an insular group of “Lea Thompson Supporters” who appear to have no critical thinking abilities or rational thought process. This, overall, may very well be the start of a homogenized group think of “yes men.”

Lea Thompson’s overly assertive and defensive behavior could be deemed bullying. This behavior, if unchallenged, may lead to cult like tendencies, which may emerge within the sub-communites which are intended to represent freedom and truth. (don’t criticize me, I am perfect). Lea appears to align with slogans such as, “that’s not nice” or “that’s not positive” or, “don’t worry about them, trust me.”

Suggestive comments made by what may be her cult followers, which favor her Ego included stating the person with the critical eye was, “jealous.”

Who would be jealous of someone who clearly holds such a narrow worldview and cries over spilled milk? Someone who cannot fight her own battles or stand in her own convictions? Someone who makes .gifs of herself on social media websites and promotes excessive alcohol consumption in her videos? This is clearly child’s play, no? Lea Thompson is 30 years old, by the way. Is she stuck in arrested development?

Lea Thompson’s defensive behavior is concerning, as it does not promote critical thought, not seek respectful dialogue. Lea Thompson appears only to care about one view – her own. She will defend her view at the expense of others views, as well as at the expense of truth and freedom.

Should the anarchist/freedom/truth community be concerned that Lea Thompson has 1,001 followers on Twitter? Should they be concerned that 30 year old Lea Thompson makes .gifs of herself on Twitter, as opposed to exploring more in-depth topics such as: deforestation, Big Pharma, spirituality, philosophy, world poverty, the deplorable public school system etc.?

Being free means opening up one’s heart, mind, and soul to hear the viewpoints of others. It means asking hard questions to get to the truth of difficult worldly affairs. Being free involves being uncomfortable. Being free means exercising humility and realizing that the world has 7.8+ billion people, all with different values, ideas, and needs.

Getting defensive is not a healthy mindset to possess, for the long term – as the eyes are useless when the mind is blind. Defensiveness covers Ego. What does Lea Thompson’s defensiveness offer to the freedom/truth/anarchist community? Perhaps only more of the same?

People can healthfully and respectfully disagree, and do all the time. This is called exhibiting maturity and strong character. Some ways towards an open dialogue could include: “thanks for the comment, I never thought of things that way” or “you make some valid points” or while I don’t agree with xxx, I can see how you would see it that way.” Or, simply not responding.These affirmations are pathways to creating open dialogue and healthy responses (as opposed to reactions) within the anarchist/freedom/truth community.

There is definitely a difference between a reaction and a response. While everyone makes mistakes in life, it is important to remember that anything you post publicly is up for scrutiny. Should not learning be a part of the journey? Is Lea Thompson too big headed to humble herself? Must she always defend herself? Will defending herself help the freedom/truth/anarchist community at large?

If Lea Thompson cannot handle a simple comment made on a YouTube channel about her “kind act of putting candy canes on people’s cars” being bogus and selfish, how will this pan out in other areas of serious discourse within the anarchist/freedom/truth community? This is something to ponder, as you support Ms. Lea Thompson and her content on D-Tube, STEEM, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lastly, take a look at Lea Thompson’s photos and lifestyle? Is she entitled – living in one of the wealthiest of the 195 countries in the world – The United States of America? While it is certainly permissible to reap the rewards of one’s own labor, how much of Lea Thompson’s “uppity” lifestyle could she live without? Is is it necessary for her to show off her stomach to the world publicly on her Twitter? Does she really need all that validation, and why? How does flashing her stomach to the world help the anarchist/truth/freedom community?

Lea Thompson is 30 year old ‘woman’ who can be found at the following social media websites:

Twitter: girlgone_crypto

YouTube: LeaThompson

STEEM: coruscate

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