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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Iron_Will

Amway and it’s associated “training and mentorship” organization Leadership Team Development (LTD) are a destructive cult as well as a product based pyramid scheme. I was apart of Amway/LTD during the span of about four months in 2018. I was in the Chesapeake, Virginia chapter of the organization for reference. From the start, I was lied to about the time required to be “successful” in this “business opportunity” as they claim it only takes 10-15 but in reality it’s more like 40 hours 7 days a week. Second, they brain wash people into think this a legit business/ mentorship opportunity when it is actually just an Amway commissioned based sales job. No real business tips are discussed it’s all hype, emotion, and selling a dream of being rich in 2-5 years by recruiting more people into scheme. Selling the overpriced/ mediocre products to actual costumers is not the priority, recruiting is. They demand IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) or Amway sales reps to buy 300 dollars worth of products themselves and just pressure others to do the same so people upline in the pyramid can profit. Additionally, the uplines/diamonds or “mentors” are some of the most arrogant and gross human beings I have ever meet. They do everything in their power to brainwash people in this organization. They mock, belittle, and shame anyone this is critical of Amway or the business model (that is structured like an pyramid scheme). They teach people to hate their actual jobs, instill in the idea that Amway is the only way to be successful in life. My mentors have gone on record to imply that college is a waste of time, jobs are prisons, and starting a legit small business is a waste of time. They also want complete CONTROL of your life. They want people to check with upline before they spend money on entertainment or even food. All extra money should be spend on Amway/ LTD conferences, books, audios, and products (again this is so uplines and diamonds can collect a paycheck AKA pyramid scheme practices). They also teach people to not associate with family or friends unless they support the amway business ( cult tactics). I lost a freelance job that assisted with my legitimate entrepreneurship efforts of building a digital marketing company. My upline pressured me to got to a LTD conference and got pretty angry when I questioned going. I also felt embarrassed by the tactics my sponsor and upline taught me such as lying to my friends about the business opportunity and more. Many others lost marriages, and relationships with other important people in their life thanks to the advice of uplines in LTD. None of the uplines in LTD are held accountable for the lives they have destroyed by their arrogance and deception. I lost around 800 dollars in the months I was in as well as the freelance job and lost great relationships with former friends. I write this complaint in hopes others will NOT join Amway or LTD as it is a pyramid scheme and a dangerous cult.

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