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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found them on Facebook and the rep I spoke too told me everything I wanted to hear. That I would be able to work with ONE consultant as needed. I would have the ability to reach out to he or she when/if I had questions. He offered a guarantee and told me they had TWO specialists in our niche. They don’t. I was adamant that I be consulted about what was happening and in the loop about what tactics were being used and how they work. I did not want them to set us up and for some reason, if they close up shop or disappear we don’t know what was being done. We had that happen with a previous marketing company. | “you will work with them as closely as you need too. Call em every day if you want” | After we sign up we get the details, that there is no guarantee. and the merchant is in the Philippines and there are no refunds. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what the sales rep said. We went along with it anyway. | From there I meet several different people who all introduce themselves as a part of a team with no indication what they do specifically. it took them a week to tell me who my actual rep was and how to reach him. it took 3 weeks for him to send me the calendar link to schedule time to speak, this is after multiple attempts to reach someone through asana. The service they use and do not inform you about in the beginning. | My “account rep” admitted he knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about our niche. nothing at all. he was starting from scratch. going off of what i wanted in a client and throwing darts to see what would work. | the first month of ads we saw really good results. I had no complaints aside from the lack of communication. | Then it went to s***. Every “tweak” would drive the cost of the ads up and the results down. and every “consultation” ended in “you need to spend more money” | Why? because they make a commission on your ad spend. the more money you spend on ads, they more money THEY MAKE. | When I asked him to make some changes in the demographic he straight up lied about the parameters that Facebook offers. the demographics that he picked just happen to be the least cost-effective. | When asked why the cost was going up and the results were going down… I got no answer. finally, he stopped meeting with me and would send me videos commentary on his review of our ad accounts. | He went as far as to tell me that the results I wanted, the results I outlined from day one, should be less important and I needed to work with the results he was getting. in other words, ‘i know you’re not getting what you paid for or what we promised, but make do with what we gave you.’ | Then, 6 weeks after we started I get a list of client tracking info that we needed to provide. tracking that did not exist because… no one told me we needed it. then I was told they couldn’t make improvements because they didn’t have it. | week after week results got worse, and their response was “spend more money” | finally, 2 months in we dropped the service. | Our price point kept it from being a loss. we offer consultation services, higher ticket. if we were selling a product, based on my experience with them I have no doubt whatsoever the entire venture would have been a loss.

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