LeadsForward charged $7000 and ruined my brand!

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Published: 27 June 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

LeadsForward.com is a totally unreliable agency! I wanted leads for my renewable energy startup and I found the landing page of LeadsForward.com really convincing and thought these guys must be excellent at generating leads. Their website claims that they generate 100% exclusive leads and it is a really important thing for leads in our field. So I had high expectations from LeadsForward. My business partner was against hiring them because a competitor had a bad experience with them. I ignored my partner’s opinion and decided to hire them anyway as I was intrigued by their exclusive lead concept. I didn’t know that I would end up wasting my $7000 and ruin my brand because of them back then. I asked for a demo and their sales representative was telling us how their firm would generate dozens of leads for us while strengthening our brand. When we asked any question which took him out of the fairy tale world, he cleverly ignored it and gave vague answers when pressured. At first, he offered a $15000 a month package for our company and said how it will be the ”best investment” we would’ve ever made. But we simply couldn’t afford to spend that amount of money so we decided on a cheaper $6000 package. It was still not peanuts but compared to 15k, it seemed affordable. Now that I think of it, that’s exactly what that a**hole wanted to do, he f***ing used psychology on me.

They were managing our Facebook ads and said that they will generate leads from here. I didn’t find anything wrong with this as we had already hired an agency to manage our Instagram a month earlier. What I didn’t know, was their lack of knowledge. Leadsforward guys started SPAMMING people in the messenger and copy-pasted the same pitch, just changing the name for each one. Not only that, but they also ran expensive ads on our money and those ads generated NO leads at all! It went on for 20 days. I wasn’t focused on our FB page as I was paying a lot of money for a firm to manage it. However, one day I checked it out and it was absolutely ruined. There were countless 1-star reviews on our Facebook saying how we keep spamming them and don’t have any kind of professionalism whatsoever. The brand’s Facebook rating went from 4.5 to 2.8 in 20 days! When I confronted the supposed ”experts” from Leadsforward, they started making excuses. And when I directly asked them WTF did they do, they started blaming ME. The whole thing became a disaster. I fired them instantly and when I did, they started apologizing and saying they’ll be happy to give us a discount on their next payment. They were literally expecting me to keep paying them money to do less than mediocre work and keep ruining my brand. HELL NAW!!! I would advise every professional to avoid Leadsforward.com, they are scammers, they’ll ruin your brand’s reputation with no remorse and charge YOU for doing it.

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