Leah Barreca

Leah Barreca is a ho and a criminal. Stay away from her

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Published: 29 July 2017

Posted by: Donna D. Mullane

This woman is a slut and she ruined my marriage. Leah is not only a whore but also a psychopath. She was spotted at one of the clubs, drunk as fuck, shouting at someone and throwing things, she was also spotted abusing some chick, God knows what is with her.
I have heard that she preys on older men for sex and money, yep! That is all that she wants, sex and lots of money. She is one of those who can’t do shit on her own and wants someone else to pay for all her shit. She lured my husband into having an affair with her, I don’t know how they met or even got in touch, but she found him somewhere and didn’t leave his back. So she had an affair with my husband and made him spend thousands of dollars on her. He had the money and she made him spend. When I found out shit, I wanted all to end, but she didn’t seem to agree. When he told her he was ending it and all was over, she sent him a semi-naked picture of herself, in full-view mirror shot, in a bikini. You can see the picture attached here.
I also heard that she has a criminal background and she has assault charges on her, she recently changed her name as well trying to get out of criminal records, but guess what honey! This is not happening, you tried to ruin my marriage, and wreck my family, I’ll show you what I can do now. Here’s your truth out in the world, in front of everyone. Let all know what a BITCH you are!!

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