Lee Elliot Fleischer

Lee Elliot Fleischer

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Published: 16 January 2021

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I am a “relational” coach and counselor who listens closely to my client‚Äôs stories and current problems. I then engage in an active dialogue with you. I don‚Äôt follow a script and offer cliches or platitudes of the everyday. Rather, as your coach, we form a unique and personal collaborative alliance to confront and overcome your fears, indecisions, and anxieties. I am firmly committed to a collaborative client-counselor relationship addressing a variety of issues, such as business decisions, personal and relational, matrimonial, separation and divorce, career advisement, educational and future aspiration challenges.As your counselor, I will form a trusting bond with you to explore the problems that interfere with attaining a happy, productive, and healthy life. I will help you create strategies to achieve greater self-awareness, understand and manage negative emotions and behaviors, and deal with life’s challenges. I’ve enjoyed a successful, varied career: in business; college professor; author; and presently a coach in Florida, and a NYS licensed psychoanalyst. I possess a doctorate in counseling and education from Columbia University, and post doctorate in psychoanalysis from Blanton-Peale Institute, NY. I am a resident and home owner in Florida.

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