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Scariest experience in my life

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Published: 22 August 2019

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Being an employee in the corporate world really takes a toll on your mental as well as physical health. One needs to find some activity which can not only help in relaxing but also helps one look good. I decided to join Yoga classes for the sake of my well-being. After weeks of searching the internet and recommendations from workplace colleagues, I decided to go for Left Coast Power Yoga. I opted for the morning class as it would help me be fresh all day and not interfere in my day’s routine. I went for the ‘Unlimited Membership’. Although it was a lot more expensive than the programs of other yoga centers, I chose not to sulk and went ahead with my choice.
The first few days of the morning yoga sessions were stress-releasing. It felt kind of good to be able to let go of unnecessary thoughts and pressure. After a week, things started to take a turn. One day, when I forgot to bring my yoga mat, my teacher lectured me for not being an interested student. I had to go back home and bring my Yoga mat as they did not provide me with one for just a day in order to ‘prevent me from forgetting again’. I chose to ignore this incident and tried to move on but things only got worse after this.
Once, I had to stay up all night to make a presentation for an office meeting the next day and because of that, I could not wake up on time for my yoga class. After I woke up, I rushed to my class but I was not allowed to enter the class. I stood at the gate, pleading the instructor to let me in, but he did not agree. He said that it would serve as a lesson to all the other candidates. I could not bear anymore insult and I went back home. I was not able to focus on anything in the office as I kept thinking about the incident that happened in the morning.
After a week, I went and saw that there was a new instructor. He seemed okay at first but as the class progressed, I realized that he was not what he seemed. All he did was stare at me continuously. I could not help but notice the lust in his eyes. While I was in the middle of an asana, he came and touched me inappropriately and when I shouted at him in front of the entire class, he justified his action by stating that I was not doing my asana properly. I stormed of there, swearing I would never come back to this wretched place where instead of helping a student release stress and tension, additional problems are gifted.
I wrote a letter to the authority stating about the unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour of the instructor but no action has been taken yet. Having been a victim of this inhumane place, I would strongly advise against joining Left Coast Power Yoga.

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