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Dr. Vodonick has no idea of what real dentistry is.

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Kathryn

He is a negligent professional who only knows how to show off. He is nothing more than a show-off. The guy couldn’t even do a root canal properly. I ended up losing a tooth and got an infection in my teeth because of the negligence of this terrible and pathetic dentist. Not only that, he didn’t even accept his fault and give me any refunds or compensation for the terrible treatment. I thought he was a great professional. And it’s like who wouldn’t think of him as a great professional? He has multiple 5-star reviews online and a great-looking website. All of that is just misleading information. And that’s it. You’d expect to get an amazing treatment and what you’ll get is crooked teeth. If I didn’t have such a horrible personal experience with these people, I wouldn’t have believed anyone saying bad things about this dentist. But now I know the truth behind all those smiling faces and those 5-star reviews. I don’t know how he has so many positive reviews for his clinic. Either the rest of the staff is great or the rest of the staff publishes fake reviews. I had started visiting this place for a regular checkup a few months before I got my root canal. It was Dr. Vodonick who recommended me to get a root canal on one of my teeth. I understood and got the treatment. Dr. Vodonick did my root canal. But that guy did such a terrible job that he damaged an adjacent tooth and left an opening. It used to be very painful for me to eat or chew anything. But according to Dr. Vodonick, this all was natural and I didn’t need to worry in any case. I visited him again and when he checked my teeth, he told me that I wasn’t maintaining proper oral hygiene. I told him that’s not right because I kept proper oral hygiene. He didn’t believe me. He said I will need to get another treatment from his clinic. When I told my husband about this ordeal he recommended to get a second opinion. And you know what? Dr. Vodonick had messed up my treatment! That other dentist told me that one of my teeth was damaged and it had got infected. I got that tooth treated. So not only did Dr. Vodonick’s treatment cost me a lot, but it also caused me a lot of pain and agony. He is a negligent and careless professional who shouldn’t be allowed to run a dental clinic. His license should be revoked. Either that or he should be fired from the place. I don’t know how many other people have gone through such painful experiences because of the negligence and malpractice of Dr. Vodonick. It wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of cases appears. I just wanted to share my story with others so they can be alerted about the malpractice of Dr. Vodonick. You won’t find out about this on his website or in his reviews.

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