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Published: 05 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been receiving serveral phone calls on a daily basis from people who say they are with Legal Help Center, sometimes they say Legal Helath Center; problem is I can not find any information on this so called company although Legal Help Center sounds so familiar to me. anyway, they call say that they know that I have had surgery or taken blood thinners or am diabetic or some other nonsense that isn’t true, but when I ask them how they know this information they tell me that I authorized my physicians to give the information which is not true, when I tell them that they in fact do not have any information on me because if they did they would know that I have never had any surgeries in my life, am not diabetic and have never been on any blood thinners. they are rude, wiht one person saying his name is “mike” (which i am sure is not really his name, nor is Alex and so on, they all have accents sound like they are a call center based in india) told me that he was going to hunt me down and rape me, I called them back today to tell them to stop calling, same guy told me that they can do whatever they want and that they just want to help people get thier money, I asked him if he knew that this phone number they call from was all over the interest as a scam he said you are trying to frame me, you will die and hung up. I called back asked for the company name the law firm he is representing and a phyiscal mailing address to send a cease and desist letter to he told me (same guy mind you) that it is against the law for them to provide that informatoin and that bombs will be dropped on us if i call them again, I told him that threating people is not how you should act he said i should be beheaded for being stupid, and asked if i wanted my rightfully entitled money, i told him no since i am not entitled to anything he said that they will never provide information to me about where they are located, will only say legal help center, one time said national legal help center then Health, so I really don’t know who they are, but they call from this number based out of Miami FL, however i’m sure they are not in the states at all, but from what i have read they have been calling people a lot threating them when they call them out on their scam a few people i have seen said that they told them to get their settlement they just needed to provide a green dot card loaded with 150, this i don’t know for sure, as i never let them get this far into their spiel. I do want a physical mailing address and would love to know the attorney’s that these people are supposedly representing, honestly if i were the attorney i would hate to find out that people that are supposed to be representing my law firm were acting this way and saying the things they say to people (and i am nto the only one mind you) I would want to know so i could cut ties with these people. I personally do not feel that anyone should be told they are going to be hunted down and raped because you cut them off and told them to remove your phone number from their call list.. uncalled for period…. Either way i think something should be done about these people, they call constantly, 10-15 a day. .

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