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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please check leifs out before going to them I was a fool and wanted to believe there commercials and didn’t talk to friends about them, my moms car was hit from falling power lines and was scratched all over the car when I talked to Daniel for an estimate I was told the whole car would be buffed out so it would all match, well it wasn’t they buffed out some spots of the car and in direct sunlight it looks foggy and in some spots and shinny in other words really looks like hell then they were to replace a mirror that had damage and didn’t along with scuff marks on front and rear bumper that they never touched but they charged my insurance to do all the repairs so now the insurance company will not work with me as I didn’t take the car to there preferred shop and will not pay for the repairs again , took the car back to the shop the next day after mom picked it up and told them about all the spots and they said it must of happened after mom picked up the car from them, well they didn’t know that the insurance company preferred shop took pictures of the car to prove it all happened from the power lines but still my insurance company will not help and ben the manger will not even return my calls, so off I go to another shop with good standings to get the repairs done right all at a cost that I’ll have to pay for . | well word of mouth will get out there so they can’t do this scam to other people, I make it a point to tell everyone I meet about how I got screwed from them . PLEASE DO YOUR RESERCH ABOUT THEM FIRST

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