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Published: 15 February 2018

Posted by: Jacqueline K.

I had Lemon Protector inspect a black 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt Sport on 7/22/19. Jay Rozenbaum, the owner, was the inspector. I received a written report on 7/23/19 via email. I never received the “free” CarFax, title search, and vehicle book value appraisal reports. I didn’t receive one printout from any Ferret 63, Ferret 59, OBD II Diagnostic Scanner, Snap On MODIS, or Snap On SOLUS tools that were supposedly used during the 7/22/19 inspection. I didn’t get an Elcometer Paint Gauge or Sonarscope report. Nada! Zilch! Zero! Nothing! Zero photos. My complaint is that he missed a major $981.00 engine fan electrical and mechanical problem. His report indicated that the fan works or was normal. This was not the case. The car overheated on 8/7/19 after I purchased it on 7/30/19. I had to pay $191.87 to a second ASE certified mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership to properly diagnose the overheating problem. The cooling fan assembly was bad and needed replacing because zero voltage was going to the part to make the engine fan come on as the engine heats up. Lemon Protector failed to diagnose and visually see a broken fan and diagnose an electrical and mechanical fan problem as described in his grandiose website. Jay’s high tech tools didn’t flag or find the engine fan problem. A multimeter would have found the problem. Jay emphasizes a thorough or comprehensive check of vehicles and his 25+ years of experience. He is NOT thorough and his experience is meaningless! It’s all bravado! If Jay did a 450 point used car inspection and mechanical and electrical inspection, then he would have caught the electrical and mechanical problem. His 25+ years of experience and countless high tech tools cited in his website missed a major $981.00 problem. I was not present for the inspection because he never gave me an arrival time for the 7/22/19 inspection. He does not want an audience because he is doing shoddy inspections. Lemon Protector is the worst!!! I used them because my Auto Critic guy retired years ago. Auto Critic spent 3 hours inspecting a car. Test drive, breakdown, lift, and all. Auto Critic did an excellent job! Lemon Protector sucks!!! All big talk only! Don’t use them! Jay will repeat obvious things that you found wrong with the car instead of looking for major mechanical, electrical, and body problems. Zero stars for Lemon Protector!!! I didn’t pay Lemon Protector $229.00 to report minor scratches and cosmetic damages on the car. I paid him to find major mechanical, electrical, and body damage problems not scratches. Lemon Protector is a big scam! Lemon Protector and Jay go beyond puffery! Jay boasts and exaggerates about his thoroughness, efficiency, skill level, and results in his website and over the phone! Don’t believe the hype! Thumbs down and zero likes for Lemon Protector!!! Jay and Lemon Protector are frauds!!! Jay bad mouths his competition. He is everything that he says negative about his competitors! Listen to the misdirection!!! Heed the warnings of other negative reviews and BBB complaints. Others have had similar experiences of Lemon Protector missing major problems. My experience is not an isolated incident! Lemon Protector owes me a refund for its error and oversight! Jay’s and Lemon Protector’s website make a lot of misstatements and misrepresentations. Lemon Protector intentionally OMITS its disclaimer from its website and over the phone. The NY state Attorney General may be interested in this fact and blatant and intentional omission in its website. BEWARE of fine print disclaimers and clauses in their written reports and contracts! It is a bait and switch situation. The website promises one thing but the report states a totally different result in fine print! Lemon Protector are con artist! For the record, I did not sign any disclaimers, reports, contracts, or release of liability. Jay and Lemon Protector will convince you with big promises and guarantees in their website and over the phone, then they will contradict themselves and website with their written report disclaimer by saying that there are no guarantees when they miss a major problem. They will not own their mistakes and oversights! They do not uncover problems. They miss them! TIMELINE: 7/20/19 (car hold date), 49, 660 miles, 0 driven miles. 7/22/19 (inspection date), 49, 660 miles, ? miles driven. 7/23/19 (billed by Lemon Protector). 7/30/19 (car purchase), 49, 675 miles, 15 miles driven since inspection date. 7/31/19 (oil change), 49, 703 miles, 28 miles driven, 1 day after purchase. 8/7/19 (overheating in traffic), ? miles, 160.4 total miles driven (Metromile pulse data), 7 days after purchase. 8/12/19 (2nd ASE mechanic Diagnostic), 49, 922 miles, 208.9 total miles driven (Metromile pulse data), 12 days after purchase. NOTE: The timeline is based on on the bill of sale miles, receipts, and Metromile pulse data. The car was driven an average of about 22 miles per day. Lemon Protector missed a major preexisting condition. A 15 minute/15 mile test drive will not reveal a major preexisting problem. A 30 minute/30 mile or more road test under varying conditions (e.g. street, highway, traffic, hills, and mountains) will reveal a major preexisting problems. Jay is a 15 minute man!!! It is not his first or last quickie and shoddy inspection! I will NEVER use Lemon Protector again!!! Lemon Protector is VERY UNRELIABLE and utilizes underhanded business practices! It is all about the quantity of inspections and not quality of inspections per day for Lemon Protector! Also, Lemon Protector does not post negative feedback or reviews on its website. I submitted a review/feedback similar to this review. You will only see positive reviews on their website. That is a dishonest and misleading act!!! BEWARE of Lemon Protector!!!

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