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Published: 15 March 2021

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Shai Wininger is the co-Founder of Lemonade Insurance, LLC based out of New York that provides renters and Homeowners Insurance to individuals in multiple states nationwide. Despite the fact that I had a 100k liability insurance policy with an additional $40,000 in personal property coverage (including water damage) and $15,000 in Loss of Use, Shai Wininger and his company denied my claim in Bad Faith. | Even after their 3rd party Field Inspection was completed in February stating that the damage to my furniture was due to the water damage from the pipes in my kitchen, Lemonade denied my claim. I filed in Los Angeles, CA Small Claims Court and appeared in Court on the date assigned, providing the Proof of Service as well as the additional Fedex Confirmation (I made sure to cover all aspects of service) Dan Schreiber did not show to the court appearance. | As of this morning, James Hageman from the NY office – Senior Claims Advisor stated that I did not properly serve Mr. Schreiber – Thankful that I had provided the Court with the Proof of Service as well as the signed for Fedex Documentation now I am force to have to secure the funds owed to me under contract and law. | Throughout this process, I was approached by dozens of individuals nationwide that are facing similar issues with Lemonade Insurance denying claims, refusing to pay or honor the contracts that they are selling to people across the country. Do NOT use Lemonade Insurance to protect your belongings! | You will be faced with losses tenfold in the case that something does in fact happen as they simply refuse to honor their own policies. Below is an excerpt from one of my many letters that went ignored by Dan Schreiber and his company – quoting the policy. | On February 7, 2019, I initiated my claims process as instructed by your app and your AI Bot by recording the live video walking through my home showing where the water damage (that is covered by the insurance policy that I have purchased from you in 2018) was originating from. I then subsequently, after Mr. Jeremy Gibbs had reached out to me the afternoon of February 7, 2019 to provide the images and one initial video as requested of the documented property damage which is covered under my Personal Property Coverage (up to $40,000) in my Lemonade Insurance Renters Policy. | As you are further aware, your company hired Mr. Zack Ogur, a field inspector from who came to my home the morning of February 11, 2019 and spent nearly two hours documenting the damage, taking photographs of the pipes under the kitchen sink that had been the cause of the water damage, as well as the exposed HVAC system in my ceiling above the washer and dryer where two pairs of suede boots and jacket had been ruined from water coming from the pipes. All of which was noted in the Cause of Loss report he had sent and provided to Mr. Gibbs numerous times the week of February 11th. | As days progressed that week, Mr. Gibbs continuously stated that he had not received Mr. Ogur’s report (although Mr. Ogur had text me on my iPhone that he had sent the report to Mr. Gibbs at Lemonade several times via email) and when he finally acknowledged receipt on the evening of Thursday, February 14, 2019. | Due to your employees and overall your company’s bad faith action denying my claim and refusing to pay for my property damages covered by my insurance policy issued by your company which went into effect on October 6, 2018, you have left me no choice other than to protect my rights and reach out to the countless other individuals your company has denied coverage to, showing a pattern of behavior in bad faith action denying clients their claims and constitutes grounds for a Class Action lawsuit. My policy issued by Lemonade Insurance states: | Section 1 – Property Coverages – Personal Property | Covered Property | We cover personal property owned or used by an “insured” while it is anywhere in the world. After a loss and at your request, we will cover personal property owned by: | Others while the property is on the part of the “residence premises” occupied by an “insured,” or | A guest or a “residence employee,” while the property is in any residence occupied by an “insured.” | Coverage D – Loss Of Use | The limit of liability for Coverage D is the total limit for the coverages in 1. Additional LIving Expense. | Fair Rental Value and 3. Civil Authority Prohibits Use below. | Additional Living Expense | If a loss by a Peril Insured Against under this policy to covered property or the building containing the property makes the “residence premises” not fit to live in, we cover any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by you so that your household can maintain its normal standard of living. | Payment for additional living expense as a result of a covered loss under Coverage C – Personal Property will be limited to the least of the following: | The time period required to repair or replace the property we cover, using due diligence and dispatch; | If you permanently relocate, the shortest time for your household to settle elsewhere; or | 12 months. | These periods of time are not limited by the termination of this policy. | No deductible applies to this protection. | ***Note, I did not request or include in my claim the cost of movers, storage unit for the items that were not damaged by the pipes under my kitchen sink or the HVAC. | Accidental Discharge or Overflow of Water or Steam | This peril means accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam from within a plumbing, hating, air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system or from within a household appliance. | Sudden and Accidental Tearing Apart, Cracking, Burning or Bulging | This peril means sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a steam or hot water heating system, an air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system, or an appliance for heating water. | ***Note, all of the time and date stamped photos and videos shared with Executives this letter is addressed to, as well as Lemonade employees and Mr. Zack Ogur via the dropbox link due to file size, and acknowledge receipt by Mr. James Hageman via email in writing with a screenshot of his viewing said videos of the plumber addressing the flooding under the sink in my claim were ignored. Also in writing and verbally, Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Hageman told me that my policy does not cover water damage from the kitchen pipes nor from the HVAC system, which was clearly documented and noted both in the COL and with photos from insured (me) and Mr. Zack Ogur in February 2019.

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