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Bogus Customer reviews! Horrible Company!

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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: peter

My friend recommended me to the services of Lending bee claiming that their customer service is one of its kind. I was intrigued and wanted to check out for myself. I swear to lord, this company is just fooling people around and asking them to wait for an indefinite amount of time. I had never thought, working with them would be so frustrating. I went to their company and told them that I needed the money and when one of the offers suited my budget, I contacted the person to tell them the deal I am interested in. But all I get is a horrible experience from the company. What kind of customer service is this?
When my friend suggested me with the services of this company, I was so excited to work with the firm. But all I get is a completely terrible experience. I was told that I am eligible to take loan from the firm looking at my credit score. Also, I fulfilled all the criteria to get the loan and you said that the processing of all the documents is just done. I was told that I would receiving a phone call or an email from the company any time now. However, you all changed your mind suddenly and don’t know what else to say. This is sheer injustice on your part. I don’t understand what does such negligence display? Is this how efficient your services are? I had never thought that the company would make fool of me like that. No one has ever experienced such a treatment from any firm. Even if you don’t want to provide the funding, be clear. Just say no on the face, what is the fun of making such delay and not getting on the point.
I had never thought that I would have to face such a treatment from your company. After getting no response, I am sure now that the company is working in the direction of misleading the clients and exploiting them with their fraudulent customer service. But what were you trying to do? This is what I didn’t understand. I was waiting for the response so eagerly and wanted to start my business. I was relying on you for the services of my home. I wasn’t knowing if the company will be just making a fool of me. And now I am stuck so badly. I had to finalize the business deal but everything is on hold as you disappointed me with your work. This is not at all right. You must have some sense and should know how to keep your client happy. This is unprofessional behavior that is unacceptable by all.
You all are running a bogus company and now I get it, all the reviews that are put for the firm are not at all real. I don’t know how people can call you excellent service providers. I had made it very clear from the beginning that I need the funds fast owing to my urgency of work, but you all just made my life miserable by doing such delay. You should be thankful that I didn’t do any complaint yet. But now it is too much. I cannot stay like this anymore. Either It was my blame of not doing anything right like not submitting any document on time, or making some other delay, what is the matter with you all then, behaving with such attitude and not providing the right facts on time. Why are you doing this to your customers who are actually in need and expecting you to become their helping hand.
You shouldn’t think like that. Why would people believe in your service if you will do such fake work? This is literally a fake company that has no respect for the customer’s time and is only interested in wasting their time in discussing the terms and conditions that too has no regard in the minds of people. I will never recommend their fraud services to anyone. You have just wasted 3 months of my precious time. I had never thought that you will be so inconsiderate about customer’s time and just completely make my life worst.
I want to enlighten others that even if you read positive reviews about this company online. Do not blindly follow them. They are bogus and they try to hide the real ones by putting such customer reviews on the top. I don’t want that anyone else suffers the way I did. The people working in this company have no working ethics and are all garrulous with no time to listen to the grievances of the people who are reaching out to them for their service. If I had known all this before, I will never ever want to work with guys.

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