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LendingGateway.com is a scam company that will rip you off!

As a parent I want what is best for my children even if they are all grown and should be taking care of themselves. From the luv I had as a parent to my child, I decided to co- borrow with my daughter so she could get a car. The reason I did this was because her credit was bad coz she is currently unemployed. Naturally I expected that they loan would be primarily in my daughter’s name and I would be a secondary borrower. The loan was meant to improve her bad credit even if just a little. The company had agreed to have this done but the morons only talk good when they want your money to be going to them.
When the loan was processed I discovered that they had set me as the primary borrower. My daughter’s name was in fact nowhere on the list. What was the point of borrowing if it was not going to help my daughter’s credit? So I decided to call the company and inquire. First I was thoroughly disappointed by their customer service. Some woman who was not even kind enough to state her name picked my call. Yes it says the calls are recorded but who really knows if these overgrown idiots record? Anyway, the bitch told me that they were never going to put my daughter’s name in the borrowing list because of her bad credit. When I inquired why they had agreed to begin with she didn’t even bother to answer she just hang up. So I called to speak to the manager to report the rude customer attendant and also to see whether they could at least put my daughter’s name.
Shock on me because I did not get to speak to any manager and they said some bullshit about not disclosing the names of their employees. It’s obviously a cover up and that does not make it easy for the customers to get relevant information after the loan is processed. You wouldn’t even think it is the same company seeing as they were so very nice when they needed you to borrow.
Anyway, I begin making payments and realize that I cannot keep track when I pay the loan on the 7th. So I called, again, and asked if they could allow me to pay on the 14th instead. They agreed because it was only a week away anyway. You’re, however, not safe if you think that this will be saving you. They went ahead to call my husband and my husband’s workplace demanding that I pay or they would ruin my credit reputation so that I could not borrow anywhere again. Even after I said I would pay on the 10th they kept calling the cows!
The harassment would make anyone scared if they did not know enough to know what this company can and cannot do. One would be found crying in de bathroom coz of how they talk to u. anyone who is not very tough would be broken by how ruthless the dogs are. Anyhoo, I decided that I would be paying on the 7th as agreed because I don’t want to have anyone harassing my family and friends. It is both embarrassing and highly unprofessional of them. They at least did not charge me extra for the days I was ‘late’.
My woes with this company were not to end there. At the dates of payments I realized that the company was taking a lot more than I thought they would be. I have excellent credit and so my interest charges should not be as high. After doing my investigation I realized that the merciless animals had used my daughter’s bad credit as grounds to overcharge me on interest even though her name was not in de loan papers. If dis is not robbery with violence (on account of how customer care attendants talk to you) I really do not know what is. These people are merciless and they do not care who they harass.
As a matter of fact the sissies will threaten you even when they are the ones who made a mistake. They will openly admit to their mistake and they will ask you to make payments TODAY or else… They will be rude to you and dish out threats and make you feel worthless and violated. They will also not take payment for the whole loan because they will want to keep getting the interests and harassing you when they feel like it.

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