Lending Bear is a Trap! Be Wary

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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: clark

I want to share with you my experience with these financial scammers. They are pathetic dupes who are robbing people blind. They took $1200 from me in lieu of $500 I had borrowed from them.

I had contacted Lending Bear in 2017. I needed some urgent cash and I had heard some good things about these people. If I had any idea about their real faces, I would have stayed miles away. I had looked up online for lending platforms and they were one of the most popular ones. They have plenty of positive reviews on their site too which I doubt are true.

Anyway, when I contacted these guys, they were quick and friendly. I think they act like it so they can easily lure people into their traps. They did all the formalities quite quickly, I needed $500 at the time and they didn’t hesitate at all.

The catch is, they didn’t give me $500. They only gave me $450. They deducted 10% interest right away. And I was supposed to pay them $50 per month And the full amount of $500 along with it if I wanted to stop paying them interest.

I paid for a few months. But I was facing money problems so I wasn’t able to give them much more than the interest. After around 9 or 10 months I contacted them saying I’ve already paid them more than what I had taken from them. Like, 10 months of $50 alone are $500 and apart from that, I had given them around $150 something. So my total paid amount was more than $650!!!

I contacted them for some remuneration or deduction. But soon their tone changed. Those people who were all nice and friendly in the beginning started trash talking. They told me I’ll have to keep paying them the full interest until I pay them the rest of the $350 something amount.

And that’s not all. After that conversation, their behavior changed drastically. Those guys stopped picking up my calls promptly and talking to them had become a huge pain. Whenever I miss the date of payment, they would start calling me constantly asking for an explanation as to why I haven’t made the payment yet.

I paid them over $1200 for the $500 I had taken. Those guys are scammers who take advantage of the urgent financial needs of innocent people. If I wasn’t so needy at that time I wouldn’t have taken money from them at all. But the number of positive reviews they have on their website and on other platforms gives a false idea to many people.

I believe they do false advertising and pay liars to write reviews for them. Such scumbags shouldn’t be allowed to sell their services to others. They are lying to people and ripping them off.

Raise awareness about these criminals because these people will keep stealing money from others with devious deals and tactics. I wish I had found out about their reality sooner. Then I wouldn’t have to face so many problems.

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