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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: anonymous

Lending USA requested me for my personal financial information for their so-called pre-approval. I contacted Lending USA to get a personal loan via AmOne so that I can consolidate all my credit cards. I wanted to pay off my credit card depth as fast as possible and AmOne matched me with Lending USA. So I went to their site and filled out the credit details. I wrote all the information including my current home address, full name, phone number, social security number and even the employment details. Soon after hitting the submit button I received a pop up from Lending USA stating,” Congratulations, your loan is pre-approved and our team will soon get in touch with you. The very next day a guy called me, apparently he was my loan officer. He asked me personal questions in order to confirm my ID. Once the QnA was finished I confirmed the details and he showed me my pre-approval form which was of less money that I requested for but I didn’t question him. He told me that they could give me either a 3-year payoff or a 5 year one. I chose the 3-year plan as I was going to buy a house next year and I was planning to pay off all the debts before that. I told me I would pay off the loan within a year. He said that I would be charged with an 8% origination fee. After this, he had to verify my bank information for the “income verification”. He asked me for a picture of my driver’s license (front and back) and a photo of me holding the ID for proof. He also asked me to send him the photo of a cancelled check. He sent me a link to verify my income using an IBV. The IBV redirected me to a website where I had to give all my banking information including the username and password; it did seem suspicious to me as no one asks for the freaking password for getting a loan! I emailed him and told him that I have filled out the form and asked him when I will get the confirmation; however, I got no response from the guy. After 2 days, I emailed him again and asked him the same question this time he replied,” things are smooth and I will confirm the status in 48 hrs.” However, I didn’t receive a single email or call from the company. Whenever I call the company to check the status of my loan they put me on hold for 30-45 minutes and hang up after that!

Lending USA took my username and password, which gives them direct access to my bank account and THEY DIDN’T” EVEN APPROVE MY FUCKING LOAN. If the loan was not approved then why the hell the company took my personal banking details! There is definitely something fishy going around in this company and I would advise everyone to keep their distance from these freaks.

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