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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Jason A Smith Suspended brokers license 01778833 and suspended BAR number 237584. Jason Smith and his partner Kenneth Cleaver CA BRE 01088154 have been scam artist for years from loan modification scams to there newest a marketing scam on loan officers. They offer live transfers for 40-50 dollars per live transfer and 10 free leads with your first order. You can not pay by credit card your first order it must be check or money order since they know there will be no repeat business. Jason Smith will meet you face to face and has a good sales script of how real mortgage leads are sold from being in the real estate industry. He has lost his brokers license and Bar license from scams he has ran and has numberous lawsuites against him. He takes your check for 1,000-2,000 a small lead spend and says he will order the data, append the numbers etc and will have your phone ringing with interested mortgage clients within a few days.Once your check clears you will never hear from Jason again he takes loan officer and small mortgage companies for thousands of dollars of marketing money and does not refund them. He goes after individual loan officers or small mortgage companies so that the amount is small enough most just take the loss. Do not buy any leads from either of these scam artist Jason Smith or Ken Cleaver. They have lost there licenses and are now there new rip off is to no longer prey on desperate home owners who are losing there house but they are preying on loan officers who are trying to buy leads in a tough real estate market to increase there business. Do not use Lendumoney.com they are not a real lead company. This is a complete scam they will take your money with no intention of providing any leads to you. I paid 1,000 and I have recieved 0 leads and have been trying to get a refund for 1 month with no way of reaching anyone and the office is always empty. Jason has lost both of his licenses and him and Ken Cleaver are obvious scam artist do not do business with either of them or you will regret it. .

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