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Levenson Smile was my BIGGEST mistake

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Published: 10 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For all satisfied customers, I am happy for you. But for people who have had problem after problem with this practice and Levenson’s smile, read on, because you are not alone. In my opinion, doctors at Levenson’s smile do not care about their patients unless they find something like YouTube references or videos.
Like many others, I thought it would be wise to have dental work done outside the United States to save money. Well, you get what you pay for! There are loads of underpaid dentists who work very hard and do their best to help others. I went to see Levenson\’s smile about a year and a half ago and it\’s been a nightmare ever since. I bought the snap-on prostheses with mini-implants and, immediately after the surgery, two implants have already fallen.
When I came home, after a month, two more fell, making it very difficult to keep my teeth in place. I contacted the office and of course, there was a guarantee but I was not going to be able to go back for a while. Then a few months went by and the whole of my upper prosthesis got broken as well. And no, I am not eating stones. Total devastation for the least. If it would be another month before I can come back. I had to walk without teeth. Anyway, after the second visit when I got home, just after two days, my teeth started to break one by one. I was extremely upset at that point. I went to the office and they told me that I should get the sanitation form permission from the office to post it. I contacted them and of course, they did not know what I was talking about. So they referred me to a random ass guy in Florida who was visiting their clinic and said that he would take care of it. I was stunned. Yes, I am serious. They have not contacted me since then and I sent three emails to Levenson Smile personally and they did not bother to respond to my calls and messages. I took my teeth to fix them locally and the dentist here said without even asking who I went to, said that these fake teeth were very badly made and that the material used was complete shit. I do not ask for a full refund, I just want enough money so I could get a good set of teeth. I have photos of my teeth if someone is interested I can email him or her right now. Take it as a warning. Please do not trust Levenson Smile. I would recommend everyone to stay away from Levenson Smile.

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