Lewis Anderson

Lewis Anderson

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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So he sent me a check for $4700.00 for me to go to bank cash check and get a cashier check for the reaming $1170.00 then take it to Western Union and send it to the address Taye Steve Jack *** * ********* **. Houston Texas 77024 IWas feeling like there is something really wrong here and I also went to the Bank and chatted to the Bankers there and asked them about the Check I received and explained to them what was going on and they said Red flag noticed it was all a Scam and nothing matched up at all with everything on this check they sent to me and the emails they were sending me In the previous emails i was telling him that i am a honest person and I am not a scammer and he said no worries I am a honest person and you can trust me and we trust each other I said ok trust is it. So I said to him that I’ll wait for the check to come in mail and then get back to him on picking up the 4 wheeler.There are people out there that do this type of crap like Scamming others so it is so hard to trust anyone out there. Thank god i was a smart one and investigated the situation and stopped it before i was the next vitim out there. So please don’t be the next one and let them get away with it hope they get caught and be punished what they are doing to the ones that are honest. | I was selling a 4 wheeler, the person was willing to pay for what I was asking $3500.00 He said was going to give me $30.00 to pay for the Advertizing. He was going to mail me a Check for $4700.00 he said go take yours out and the remaining of $1170.00 is going to be for the shippers that is going to pick up the 4 wheeler. He said to take it to a Western Union and have it sent to the address that was given I said to him ok when I get this I will do it he said let us know when you get it all taking care of. I said ok I was feeling something was’nt right so when I got he check and I printed all the emails from him that we were emailing back and forth. I went to my Bank and talked to them about what was going on and they said I did everything right by keeping all my Emails and brought the check to us first. He is a big Scam and scamming everyone out there but all I said was He didn’t get me I figured it out and reported it. I still have my 4 Wheeler and he don’t have nothing.

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