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They don’t value their customers and I’m sure they will run out of business.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lexington Family Smiles is currently operating in Lexington, South Carolina. Various customer reviews have rated Lexington family Smiles poor in terms of their customer service, customer satisfaction, and the environment they have. Patients have been complaining that the doctors and staff at Lexington family Smiles don’t answer their queries. The website of Lexington family Smiles claims they have got one of the best technologies but patients have reported that the procedure they follow at Lexington family Smiles is not up to the standards.
These reports and complaints are true because I had a terrible experience with these guys too. I was supposed to get one crown installed in my teeth. But the dentist deliberately installed 2 crowns and doubled my bill. He hadn’t recommended me to get 2 crowns before. He did it without informing me and cheated me. I ended up paying for an unnecessary procedure.
It’s the responsibility of the doctors that they treat their patients with care so that they don’t have to go through agony, but practices at Lexington family Smiles have not been up to the level and the patients are utterly disappointed with them. One of their customers had gone there for a cavity filling. The doctor had first suggested him to get filling in one tooth but after the procedure, he told him about 2 other cavities. The procedure at Lexington family Smiles was very painful too.  There was a point during the procedure that he felt an incredibly sharp pain. He felt betrayed and is never going back there again.
Customers have reported that Lexington family Smiles have been lying to their customers and are keen to make money from the customers pocket by pressurizing them to get the services they don’t even require. Another customer told that the doctors at Lexington family Smiles diagnosed a cracked tooth in his mouth though they couldn’t show it on x-ray, as the doctors recommended a crown immediately; he told them that he will be going to think about it but the doctors kept pressurizing him. Well, when he consulted another doctor for a treatment plan the doctor was bewildered to hear that why he was even asked to have the crown replacement as he has no cracked tooth. It’s been four years and his tooth is still working fine and has no problems.
One of the customers reported that the staff at Lexington family Smiles incorrectly scheduled her appointment with the wrong doctor after that she had to wait another 3 months to reschedule an appointment with her regular doctor. She said that the staff at Lexington family Smiles is extremely rude and now she has decided to consult another doctor. It is about time that Lexington family Smiles start upgrading their services and earn the customers’ trust.
Otherwise, these guys are going to be in some big trouble. Even if they don’t, it’d be better if this clinic shuts down.

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