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Published: 17 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I know their are past Class Action suits against Lexington Law. Is there a current one or can I get one started? They extend the time it takes to dispute a credit report claim so they can make more money off a client. On different occasions… they have made commitments to take certain items out of “queue” and challenge the claim, that day, in a week, by the end of a month yet that did not happened. Delaying a challenge cost me an additional $99 each month and they are expert in the delay tactics to continue to take money from a client. I ask on several occasions to either “challenge” a claim or cancel my account. They did not do the challenge and still are charging my account. I finally ask them to immediately cancel my account, send me a detailed final statement and copies of the dispute letters they have sent out on my behalf. Although they said in emails they would send me the dispute letters, I have NOT received any. I told them that they were no longer authorized to take money out of my bank account and I would immediately send them a PAID in FULL check or by PayPal once I received a reasonable detailed final bill and the copies of the dispute letters. They said they would send me the copies of the “dispute letters” however I have not received any of the letters to the Credit Reporting Services. On 5-24-2015 they (without authorization) took another bank draft in the amount of $99.95 against my demand not to do it. Even though I have told them a couple of months ago to cancel my service. I was still willing to pay the $99.95 before 5-24-15 by way of PayPal or check if they would send me a statement and the copies of the dispute letters. I don’t believe I owe this amount since I have told them to cancel a couple of months back (email documented) but was still willing to pay to see the dispute letters and to firmly close this improper service. They are now playing games by sending me a secured attachment by way of Cisco Secure Services claiming they are copies of the dispute letters, but the PDF attachment is corrupt and cannot be opened. I have a statement from CISCO tech support stating that Lexington Law did not send a readable document. Also, I am a programmer and have no problems opening legitimate attachments. There is no question in my mind they are doing this Intentionally. Also they have not sent a readable copy to date even though they have been notified of the problem. There is no doubt in my mind that these people are taking fraudulent advantage of people who are trying to straighten out their credit issues. I have a feeling they are committing this wrongful act to thousands of people.

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