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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a diabetic that uses a Medtronic insulin pump. The pump itself relies upon data established from glucose testing which in this case, uses Bayer Contour Next strips. At one time, One Touch made a glucometer that communicated with the pump but that is no longer the case. Their meter is no longer made. When my insurance changed from Medical Mutual to Anthem at the first of the year, I discovered my strips were no longer covered so I looked for alternatives. I found Liberty Medical online and called them, explaining my situation. I further explained that I was not a wealthy person and needed my insurance to pay for part of the expense. I emphasized that if the insurance would not work then I could not afford to proceed. Upon giving them my insurance information and their subsequent research, they assured me that insurance would cover the strips and all was well. You can guess the rest. My first order was received perfectly and I was happy. Several months later they called and said it was time to order again so I did, once again mentioning that I had not seen an EOB for the first order…no problem I was told. The second order came along with a bill several weeks later for nearly $900 for the first order. I was floored and called them back and they assured me all was well, that it was being rebilled. I think that before the 30 days was up, I mailed back the second order. Long story short, I was raped on the price of the strips and I just thank goodness I did not order reservoirs or infusion sets from Liberty Medical. I can imagine having no options but to pay their prices. Take away message, do not believe them when they say insurance is being billed and say “NO” to subsequent orders till the first one is billed properly. They try to speed up orders so that you will miss the 30 day returns window. Thank you for this site!!

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