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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

During the last few years I have trying to communicated with Liberty Puerto Rico about a continuos erratic Internet signal malfunction calling and writing for service and I have been ignored. I’m subscribe to 5 Mbs but I ‘my only receiving 2.5 Mbs when working but don’t last long. I experimented poor signal gain, signal drops, low speed, and lots more problems. I’m paying my invoice on time always, although I still not receiving service. I have been writing or calling almost everyday to Liberty to send Speed Test Reports evidence to demonstrate the Internet performance but they always comes with a new excuses and don’t believe me ignoring my requests. Although the results are very clear and self explanatory they do nothing and the problem is that there is a two years contract and there is a early canceled fee of $200 | no matter the service have been bad since day one. This is not fair for anybody who pay very expensive fee (approximately $70) for a non working service. | I already lost faith to get this issue solved that I rather preferred to cancel the contract and not keep fighting with them. My health is being affected because I am a disable and this is my best entertainment when my health situation get worst and can’t do anything else. I have gave them a lot of opportunities to solve the problems but because the they don’t believe me and don’t analyze the data I send them frequently showing the speed test results, they says that everything is OK. Please help me solve this problem.

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