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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was first hospitalized on 30th OCT 2014 for a laparotomy (opening of my abdomen) to remove scar tissue to allow my bowels to function properly. This is my Veterans Afairs disability which stands at 100%, 70% for medical and 30% for unemployability. Total being 100%. I also successfully received social security disability. I wanted to do something good with my free time and study religious studies with the Bible. Due to frequent trips to the ER and being hospitalized earlier times for shorter periods of time, I did have some issues with my education but I did successfully complete my classes to make up for the academic challenges. However, this time, I was taking a class theology 201-05 and I was already in the hospital trying to recover, the worst being, trying to get my bowels to function again. I ended up having post operative gallstones and had to have a procedure to let a doctor go down my throat to my bile duct, slice open the duct and get the stones out. puss followed and about 2 days later, my bowels started working. this was 2 weeks after my second emergency laparotomy. in the meantime, I narturally got behind in my class work and after stopping pain meds and being of sound mind, to save my education, i thought it prudent to drop the class under medical reasons. what resulted was, a suspension of my financial aid. When I got home, I filed an appeal with supporting documentation (discharge papers) from the hospital with my date of admittance and what was wrong with me. In the end, Liberty ends up upholding the suspension. I would like to also state that, they knew I was a veteran AND and disabled veteran as such. I also communicated with my professor as to the status of my medical procedure of a laparotomy. I did this in good faith and honesty with no malice in mind since my medical condition and surgeries are legitimate. I’ve contaced the ACLU and hope they can help me in any way they can for this, what I perceive as an injustice. .

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