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Published: 21 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On Monday May 26th, I was presented with a Notice of Termination informing me that I had been released from my employment with Lids. The document outlines the reason(s) for my removal from my position as such; 1) Standards of Conduct. On April 23rd 2013 I allegedly falsified company documents, not reviewing and signing off on paperwork. a. Violation of Policy II-C. In regards to the above allegation it stems from a long and provable history of the DM failing to train and respond to a multitude of training requests. Since NO training was given to me in terms of the stores operations it is ludicrous to assume someone would know how to apply company standard of practice in their completion of this task. Since NO training was given in regards to store operation NOR does any paperwork in regards to operational training exist. What does exist is a record of email and phone requests over the last year plus pleading that actions be taken by the DM to resolve the issue. In Fact, the answer I received on more than one occasion was….If you don’t like it QUIT! Had this training been properly instituted by the DM, I submitted that my inability to properly review paperwork as per company standards would NEVER had happened. The lack of training is this task as well as other hindered my ability to operate the store in the same top-notch manner I was able to sell with for the company. I also submit that the current DM will never be able to duplicate my singular performance and this not due to skills but rather his low sales acumen and inability to properly train managers. Believe me when I say the irony of being fired on the same day I was to receive my first formal training of any sort is the day I am fired, is not lost on me. The document also lists a prior infraction in regards to; 1) Ring It In Right policy, it is alleged that I issued 3 embroideries for the price of 3. On October 28th a called was fielded by employee Roch Gagne in regards to a customer inquiry on EMB pricing. The had ask for the cost to do EMB and Roch Gagne relayed that EMB is a charge of $10.99 for 70 letters. Not only will Roch an employee in good standing confirm this he has signed a written statement to this effect. On October 30th, 2013 the customers arrived with 5 individual items to have monogram and was extremely disappointed that she will have to pay $10.99 for each monogram. After she had explained the particulars of the situation, mainly that see was given the impression that embroidery was charge on a per letter basis. I made a customer service decision to offer a lower rate as a way to accommodate the client from a service perspective, ensuring that she was fully satisfied Lids. This action was not taken outside of ANY policy, since on the prior weeks conference call DM Jason Beaulieu DIRECTLY indicated to ALL managers that action may be taken my managers to satisfy a customer complaint as to avoid unnecessary complaint to head office against our district. This is a FACT and is undisputable since each and EVERY manager on that called a two subsequent calls heard the same EXACT thing. Later that day on October 30th, I present with the write-up. When I asked for a person to whom I could discuss the particulars of the situation, I was told in NO UNCERTAIN terms that he had No interest in hearing my side of the story and HR had empowered him fire me. The DM then indicated if I signed and did not oppose the allegation he would NOT HAVE TO FIRE ME. Over the proceeding week, I was so disgusted that I was falsely accused and threatened that I contacted his boss Lenore Lynch . I fully explained my situation and she recommended I call HR and speak to Chris, I believe in HR, for whom she provide me the number. In the last week of October, 2013 I had left a phone message. desperately asking that I be contacted in reference to the COMPLETE an UTTER lie that DM Beaulieu had levied against me. I had also left a follow up message asking for a call to discuss the message I had left ALSO went unanswered. Bell Canada is received my request and is mailing my phone records proving that a call was placed and message was left in regards to this situation and went ignored. Feel free to request from the aforementioned record from myself should you deem it required. By checking your own internal phone records you will clearly be able to identify that; 1) The call was indeed placed 2) A message was left for HR and 3) NO action to my knowledge was EVER taken to investigate/discuss my complaint.

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