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Published: 12 September 2018

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Overview: Brand: UltraCBD™ Hemp-Oil Drops 1oz Liquid in Dropper 200mg Product Tested: UltraCBD™ 200mg Supplement ICOMR Rating Based on Following Lab Tests: CBD FAR BELOW ADVERTISED SPEC. The product label, advertising and website list 200mg of active Cannabinoids in the bottle (see label below). These are 30ml bottles. Let’s look at both lab results and do the math: Total Cannabinoids from Mfr. Sample: 0.3260 mg/g X 30ml bottle) = 9.78mg of Cannabinoids in the entire bottle of 30-32ml. Total Cannabinoids from (Amazon) Retail Sample: 0.8840 mg/g X 30ml bottle) = 26.52mg of Cannabinoids in the entire bottle, 44.78% of which is actually THC. These were taken from samples out of two different bottles. It is extremely unlikely that in either case UltraCBD™ is even close to the 200mg they advertise. In the test which scored highest in total Cannabinoids, only 26.52mg were found in the entire 30ml bottle by volume, which is just 13.26% of the advertised 200mg on the label. Almost half of found Cannabinoids are actually THC. This UltraCBD™ product is severely downgraded for failure to deliver almost 75% of the Cannabinoids in the best of two random tests .

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