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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I always thought the scammers were a sort of injustice league that they have some synister meeting place… I know many of you have suspected the same thing, well here’s the proof folks. Give this a listen: Https:// … Nefits-scammers I got this number from a pop up advertising computer virus removal.Blog.Malwarebytes.Org/wp-content/upl…akewarning.Png I was surprised to find after calling that it was a switch board for numerous scams. This call here features a medical alert scammer switching me over to a gift card scammer. Along with a follow up call. Simply dial +1 855 970 1892 and you will get an automated recording. Call back and you may get another recording. They also do vacation cruise lines) This is proof that the same scammers who run medical alert scams In this case life protect 24/7) also work with $100 gift voucher scammers In this case usa benefits ). In case you’re wondering if the “lady” named “shannon” with life protect 24/7 was a phone operator just doing her job, she gave her other number to get a commission +1 877 741 4748 she also asked for my bank account and routing number off my cheque book: Http:// Note: e-cheques are legal however they must be signed, how the hell am i gonna sign something over the phone? Because the “lady” with life protect 24/7 said they were in such good standing with the bbb: Www.Bbb.Org/norfolk/business-re…omplaints breakdown In case your wondering if life protect 24/7 are the same folks who robocall you at your home:…03-complaint.Pdf…10-15.Pdf Heres the dirt on usa benefits $100 gift voucher scammers:…-target-gift-cards ) Also note: “peter” with usa benifits did not mention the name of his company! how do you ask someone their personal information and credit card number without mentioning the name of your company?

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